10 Games Like Sea of Thieves If You’re Looking for Something Similar

Let’s start this list off by admitting one thing: there aren’t many games like Rare’s Sea of Thieves. It is a very unique experience, and there are few other titles you can point at and say definitely “this is a Sea of Thieves-like game that you can play when you’re bored of it.” There are, however, some aspects of its design that other games do share in common, and so we’re here to highlight 10 games we think are like Sea of Thieves if you’re after something similar.

Guns of Icarus

Games Like Sea of Thieves, guns of icarus

So let’s start with what is arguably the game most like Sea of Thieves, and that is Guns of Icarus for PC (and soon to be PS4 as well). In Guns of Icarus, you’re up in the clouds instead of the open sea, but the focus is still on ship-to-ship PvP combat. Guns of Icarus is a game you can “graduate” to after getting tired of Sea of Thieves as it is way more complex and complicated. Not surprising since that is all Guns of Icarus is about: ship-to-ship combat.

Players can choose from many different kinds of ships, all with different sets of weapons, and will have a crew of human-controlled players that each have specializations, such as a Gunner, Engineer, or Pilot. Again, if you really enjoyed Sea of Thieves’ ship-to-ship combat (or only have a PS4, again it’s coming soon!) and want a step up in complexity, Guns of Icarus is a solid choice.

World of Warships

Games Like Sea of Thieves

Another game that features PvP ship-to-ship combat, and is also another level up in terms of complexity and difficulty, is World of Warships. World of Warships, like Guns of Icarus, is all about tactical ship-to-ship combat. You’ll need to carefully measure long-distance shots, navigate your own ship away from enemy attacks, and work in conjunction with other human teammates to take down an enemy team that’s just as determined to take you down.

If you’re into 20th-century history, the game features plenty of actual battleships used throughout both World War I and World War II, from both sides of each conflict.

World of Warships is currently only available on PC, however. So if you’re on consoles you’re out of luck, sadly. However, on the bright side, it is free to get started. So you can get a sense of whether the game is for you with very little risk before deciding if you want to invest money into it. 

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