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Posted on February 14, 2024

Anaheed Alani and Ira glass

Anaheed Alani is a writer that has the power to shock people with societal facts and truths. But she is most known as the wife of Ira Glass, an American public radio presenter. The couple was married for over ten years until divorcing in 2018. They even got together for podcasts when they were together. Anaheed is busy with her life and has already moved on after divorcing Ira. Similarly, Ira Glass has continued to live his life. People tend to be interested in the ex-couple even after a few years of divorce. While Ira Glass has a Wikipedia page dedicated to him, Anaheed prefers to keep her personal life secret. So, here are ten facts about Anaheed Alani to help you get to know her better:

Alani’s Salary and Earnings

Anaheed Alani, on the other hand, has yet to reveal her net worth and income. Her net worth is still being calculated.

Alani Comes From A Multi-Cultural Family

Anaheed Alani was born into a home in which her mother was a Christian and her father was an Iraqi Muslim. However, the cultural gap never caused her any problems in her life.
Anaheed Alani, Ira Glass’s Wife, Wiki and Age Facts
Anaheed Alani’s age and Wiki data are not accessible on the internet. In reality, she is well-known because of her ex-husband. Anaheed has been out of the public eye since his divorce. She is a professional writer and author. In 2013, she even worked as the editorial director and story editor for Rookie Magazine. She and her ex-husband, Ira Glass, were married for a long time before their divorce.

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Anaheed Alani, Ira Glass’s Ex-Wife: 10 Facts

  1. Anaheed Alani is the ex-wife of Ira Jeffrey Glass: Alani and Ira Glass-60 had a long relationship. Their 13-year marriage, however, ended legally when Ira filed for divorce in April 2017.
  2. Anaheed and Ira Glass married in 2005: After dating for a while, Anaheed and Ira decided to marry in 2005. The marriage, however, did not survive forever. The divorce of the pair was formalized in 2018.
  3. In 1997, Alani met Ira for the first time: Alani and Ira first met in Chicago in 1997. Following their marriage, they relocated to New York in 2007.
  4. Alani and her ex-husband had a pitbull named Piney, whom she and her ex-husband used to pet.
  5. Anaheed was raised in a mixed household and family: her mother was Christian, but her father was Muslim. However, the difference in religion made no impact in her upbringing or her marriage to Ira.
  6. Alani’s actual age is unknown: In truth, there is no record of Anaheed’s age or date of birth on the internet.
  7. Her net worth is still being calculated: Anaheed’s net worth and income are unknown because she is best known for her ex-husband.
  8. She has moved on in her love life: Anaheed appears to have moved on with someone else, according to her Instagram. However, information on the new man in her life is lacking.
  9. Alani is a professional novelist who has held a variety of writing positions during her career. At The New York Times Magazine, she worked as a fact-checker. She also served as an editor for the Chicago Reader.
  10. Alani can be found on Instagram and Twitter: She is active on both Instagram and Twitter. @Chemicalalani is her Twitter and Instagram handle.
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