25 Funny Mothers Day Messages, Quotes, Wishes for 2024

Mothers are always special to one and all. And Mother’s Day is a day to honor all the mothers, to honor their motherhood and maternal bonds. In India, this day is celebrated on the second Sunday in the month of May. In 2024, this beautiful day is going to fall on 08th May. This is the day to send lovely Mother’s Day wishes to all mom to make her smile.

Given below is the best collection of cute and funny Mothers Day messages, funny Mothers Day wishes and Funny Messages for Mothers Day Cards. Use these nice sample quotes to wish your mother a Happy Mother’s Day in a funny and hilarious way. You can use them for sending customized Whatsapp messages or Facebook quotes. So explore these wonderful funny messages that help you express your unconditional love and warmth to your mother but with a hint of laughter in it.

Funny Happy Mothers Day Wishes for All moms

“Thank you for all the laughs that you have gifted me with and made me a happy and cheerful person. Wishing a very Happy Mother’s Day to you.”

“To all the moms who have taught us to smile even when things were not right, wishing you all a very Happy Mother’s Day. We are blessed to have you.”

“May be your jokes were not always the best but your intention to make us smile was always so pure. With lots of love, wishing a very Happy Mother’s Day to you.”

Funny Mothers Day Messages | Funny Mothers Day Quotes, Wishes

1). Dear mom, just wanted to remind you that you are the luckiest mother as you have been blessed with the most amazing child in the world…. Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day.

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2). I know that your joys doubled when I came into your life and made you the happiest mother…. Warm wishes on Mother’s Day to you mom…. I am so glad that I made you a wonderful mom.

3). Dearest mommy, the only reason because of which you are celebrating Mother’s Day is me…. I wish for your joy and smiles, health and success….. Happy Mother’s Day to you..!!!

4). Mom, you might think that being a mom is a thankless job until it is Mother’s Day. So here I send you an annual thank you for being a cute mother. Happy Mother’s Day to the mother of best daughter.

5). You call me stubborn all the time but God gifted me a mom who is all the more stubborn than me. Wishing you a wonderful and happiest ever Mother’s Day 2024. Love you loads… always!!

6). I know I am a lazy girl but I just found out that it is in my genes and I cannot help it much… so indirectly it is your fault and not mine. Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day. Love you.

7). Dearest Mom, you truly deserve a medal for bearing me for all these years and keeping me alive. Sending you warm wishes on amazing job. Best wishes on Mother’s Day to you.

8). All these years I have tried looking for eyes at the back of your head but I have failed to spot them. I am sure you have them, hidden in your hair. Wishing you Happy Mother’s Day.

9). On this auspicious day, I would like to thank you for allowing me to be parasite inside your body for nine months and then parasite outside for all your life. Happy Mother’s Day to my mommy.

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10). When anyone tells me that I resemble you, I wonder because I am so young and active and I have always seen you old. Don’t kill me on that one. Wishing you Happy Mother’s Day.

11). If dad and me are a gang then you are a police as you are always trying to fine us for our mistakes. But I am blessed to have a mommy police like you. Happy Mother’s Day to you.

12). You always tell me that I never let you sleep as a child. Now I understand that you are taking revenge by waking me up every morning so early. Not nice at all. Anyway Happy Mother’s Day.

13). I always think that when I will be a mother, I would be not like you. You have given your child too much of freedom and I would never do that. LOL. Happy Mother’s Day to my sweet mother.

Funny Mothers Day Messages from Daughter

“Cheers to all the tensions you have taken for me and best wishes to you on this special day mom which is all because of me…. Happy Mother’s Day!!!”

Funny Mothers Day Messages from Son

“Please don’t blame me for all your greys because you are the one who used to freak out on small things…. Happy Mother’s Day mom.”

Funny Mothers Day Messages from Husband

“I thank our kids for keeping you busy so that I could have some “me” time….. Best wishes on Mother’s Day to my dearest wife.”

Funny Mothers Day Messages for Friends

“The fact is that your kids are crazy because they are your kids…. A very Happy Mother’s Day dearest friend.”

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Funny Mothers Day Messages for Sister

“I thought you were my sister but all the care and concern you showed made you my mom…. So here is me wishing you Happy Mother’s Day sis.”

Funny Mothers Day Messages for Grandma

“With a cool grandma like you, I could not have asked for a better childhood…. With lots of love, wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day.”

Funny Mother’s Day Messages from Baby

“Dear mom, I am soon going to trouble you in the most creative ways possible….. Best wishes to you on Mother’s Day.”

Funny Mothers Day Messages from Dog

“You don’t know how lucky you are to have me because I am the one who has brought all the love in your life. Wishing a very Happy Mother’s Day.”

“Wishing you smiles and wishing you lots of love on Mother’s Day. May you always love me the way you have loved me.”

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