251+ Peace Slogans to Always Keep the Peace Intact

You need to forgive others for freeing yourself from persistent unhappiness. This is because you deserve peace above everything else. This simple technique will help you to combat depression, and you will be able to cope with the daily stresses of life. Here, we have provided some peace slogans which you should find interesting.

Here are Peace Slogans for you

Peace does not have any path – peace is the path.

Let us bring peace into chaotic moments. 

Love and peace. 

Peace is lucrative. 

War of the rich man, the blood of the poor man.

You will not find peace without trying. 

Peace is a gift that we can give to one another.

If you run, you will simply die exhausted. 

Conversation and not confrontation. 

Our grief does not mean that we want war. 

Teach peace to reach peace.

Peace can do better than what can be done by war.

We can live in peace by forgiving one another. 

Is war regarding anything besides safety?

Commence the peace now by stopping the war.

No sympathy, no peace; know sympathy, know peace. 

Peace is invaluable; war is expensive.  

A tree meant for peace.

It does not make any sense if you cannot make peace. 

War is an orgy of chaos. 

Peace at home, peace everywhere. 

Participate and say no to war!

Choose sympathy, not sides. 

Prodigy against war. 

Allow Nature’s peace to flow in your life. 

War is always an error. 

The earth is for peace!

Peace if feasible, truth at every cost. 

A drop of sweat will save lots of blood. 

PIECE of earth or PEACE of earth – which one is better? 

Change of regime starts at home. 

Nothing can replace victory in war. 

You will not find a bad peace or a good war.

Crave for peace and not for war. 

We want nonviolence and not nonexistence. 

Less war and more candy.

Profits have foretold lots of wars.

You can live peacefully. 

Never mess with Mesopotamia. 

When is killing going to be replaced by thinking?

Fight for justice in case you like to have world peace. 

Do not make war, but make alternative energy. 

Love and peace always walk simultaneously. 

We shine together; we glitter on our own. 

Our world requires peace. 

Our planet is for peace. 

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Peace is the way; there is no way to it.

Rub your beaver, obtain peace fever!

Hostility breeds hostility. Let us breed peace. 

If you want to have peace, try to practice it yourself. 

Rather than causing trouble, help those who are in trouble. 

Peace commences with you.

Peace helps us to lead a better day.

Forsake your arms and work for peace. 

If you like, then war will be over. 

It does not make any sense if you cannot make peace. 

Love, and not arms, will conquer the world. 

Peace can do everything better than violence. 

I am getting demoralized by my democracy. 

Anger will lead to war, and a smile will lead to peace. 

Peace is going to triumph. 

Now we will have peace talks. 

The whole world can be changed by peace. 

Skip war and search for peace.

Let us create peace by embracing the beauty and faith of every culture. 

War is the government’s failure. 

Power needs consent. 

Peace brings us together. 

Always be peaceful, and don’t drown the world in sorrow. 

Genuine partisans drive hybrids. 

A smile will help to unify the nation.

I happen to be a peaceful warrior. 

Provide me with a smile rather than a bullet.

Bullets cannot foster peace. 

Peace requires only motivation and love. 

I haven’t yet started fighting.

Peace is the secret to a better world.  

Brains and not bombs.

The peacemakers are the blessed ones. 

I perform peace work.

Peace is less expensive. 

Peace is going to emerge victoriously. 

Peace helps us to come together.

War is ghosts, and peace is an angel. 

Make the world a comfortable dwelling place. 

Either learn to rest in peace or live with it. 

The whole world can be saved by peace. 

We will be able to live peacefully. 

A nation cannot be unified with guns in our hands. 

Peace happens to be the Final Frontier. 

The world ought to be a comfy dwelling place devoid of war. 

Save this world with peace. 

Appreciate and don’t hate.

You cannot maintain peace by force but by understanding. 

Provide peace with a chance.

Fight for justice in case you are looking for world peace. 

It is simply a peace of cake. 

Peace is more inexpensive. 

Provide a kid with love and peace, not AIDS. 

Peace can do everything better than violence. 

The best solution will be peace resolution. 

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War isn’t the answer to a peaceable life. 

The tears of every mother are the same.

Evil is going to win when fighting evil with evil.

Teach peace to reach peace. 

War is terrorism whose budget is bigger. 

Peace commences with me. 

If one is injured, all will be injured. 

Be peaceful to lead a better life. 

Stay clear of wars. 

Let the peace be powerful. 

Peace will be triumphant. 

War isn’t the solution for a peaceful day. 

My religion is peace; we simply need love. 

Don’t drop bombs, but names. 

The world can be conquered by love instead of arms. 

Create peace by uniting people. 

War isn’t healthy for the kids.

My nightmare is a world devoid of peace. 

Commence the peace now and stop the war. 

Are our kids more valuable than theirs? 

War is an absence of imagination.

Dumb leaders cannot be justified by smart bombs. 

Peace is going to save the earth. 

War is despairing; peace is caring. 

Peace is something that you can attain by understanding and not by force. 

It is essential for peace to be in the heart. 

Be patient and don’t fight. 

Confront your problems boldly for finding peace of mind. 

Peace is lucrative.

Let’s breed peace instead of violence.   

Keep the peace by ending the violence. 

Stay away from the war junkies. 

Kids were not born in this world to kill for the affluent. 

Live simply for others to simply live. 

Do not make war but love. 

Never compromise on peace. 

Make others peaceful for getting peace yourself. 

Don’t be blind to peace, but be kind. 

Lose your peace forever if you don’t speak now. 

One more patriot for peace. 

War isn’t pro-life. 

Peace can be found in victory and not in denial. 

War isn’t the way for nurturing peace. 

Where is it going to stop?

War is nothing but a mistake. 

Peace needs brains. 

Leave the war by choosing peace. 

We are asking the incorrect answer in case war happens to be the answer. 

Peace is more precious than anything else. 

No more parentless kids. 

Peace will help us to do everything better than war. 

Peace brings lots of positive emotions along with it. 

Peace makes you feel beautiful from the inside. 

Never say yes to war.

Maintain the safety of your surroundings. 

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Do not drop bombs, but names.

Provide peace with a chance. 

Love your neighbor. 

War isn’t pro life. 

Stay away from killing. 

Let your inner peace not be destroyed by the behavior of others. 

Don’t let others ruin your inner peace. 

War is going to destroy your kid. 

We require teamwork. 

Adore the world for future generations. 

It is not the solution but the problem of killing innocent people. 

Try to calm your mind and search for peace. 

Who would Jesus want to bomb?

We want peace and not traumatized lives. 

Pray for getting peace.

Do positive things without waiting. 

A massacre isn’t a war. 

Do not say yes to violence. 

Although the world can be bombed to pieces, it cannot be bombed to peace. 

Consider peace to be the Final Frontier. 

Don’t fight and waste your life. 

Peace happens to be the secret of success. 

Dumb president, smart weapons. 

Give an opportunity for surviving. 

Allow peace to be in your heart. 

You aren’t paying attention without being outraged. 

Life is hilarious during the war.

It is only you who can bring peace to you. 

Will our kids remain safe by killing theirs?

We have the right to reside in a peaceful environment. 

Things will change around you if they change within you. 

Peace is freedom in tranquility. 

Thinking power is enhanced by peace.

Peace is our dream, so we are a team. 

Bush is the only thing we need to fear.

Blood is always red. 

A peaceful mind can confront any difficulty. 

We cannot achieve anything by working singly; we need teamwork. 

Our planet requires peace and not bombs. 

While war is insane, peace is sane. 

Peace can be considered to be self-defense. 

Despite being expensive, peace is worth the expense.

Live in the present and be peaceful.  

Solar energy and a peaceful mind. 

Never lose your inner peace, although the entire world appears upset. 

The world says yes to peace. 

We need yoga for our mental peace. 

Get peace by beating the Bushes.

Peace is heart stuff; war is dick stuff. 

A life without stress happens to be peaceful. 

I want to be peaceful for 5 minutes. 

Provide your mind with rest to achieve success. 

Our responsibility is to make our society peaceful.

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