5 Hand-Picked Best Webinar Software Platforms

Before you dive into exploring your options for the best webinar software platforms, here are some statistics that need your attention : 

  • The average webinar attendance rate is between 40 % to 50%. 
  • 60% of the businesses design their webinar to convert their users into paying customers. 
  • Between 2% and 5% of webinar attendees will purchase from you
  • 54% of B2B professionals attend webinars every week. 

All these points prove the significance of webinars in the present marketing scenario, and so for the coming years. 

Webinars help you set up a closer interaction with your potential customer, give you the opportunity to learn about the audience, and inform them about your product. 

Webinar marketing is one of the trending marketing strategies in 2021and coming years as well. 

But to run webinar campaigns, events, and conferences, you need a robust webinar software platform with advanced features, powerful integrations, and insightful analytics. 

And since you are here, without further ado, let’s introduce you to the 5 best webinar software platforms for 2024. 


Demio may be a late arrival in the popularity scene as compared to their competitors but it certainly is one of the best webinar software platforms available today. 

They provide a simple yet efficient no-download webinar experience and the marketing tools to generate better results. 

They’ve learned, grown, thrived, and adapted through the pandemic delivering on the current market’s demands. 

When many platforms fail to adapt, Demio appears to rise and become this robust webinar platform providing modern and powerful features. 

Where some webinar platforms are offering live webinars and some automated, Demio offers both along with their alternative for hybrid mixes of live recordings and pre-recorded. 

The platform also allows you to launch offers with CTA buttons, run Q&As, share live documents, run interactive polls and so much more, all throughout your webinar.


  • Private Chat: Users are allowed to send private messages to the webinar coordinators.
  • No-Downloads Required:  You can host engaging and interactive events in the browser to build relationships with your prospective customers and leads at a large scale.
  • Run All Kind of Campaign: It allows you to run events for all kinds of campaigns including live, series, and automated.
  • Branded Registration page: You can keep everything consistent with your brand.
  • “Stay Registered” Series Campaign: This campaign allows people to sign up only once where they will be part of all the ongoing series of webinars.
  • Analytics: You can get insights and performance reports from your webinar. 


  • Branded registration page
  • Unlimited sessions
  • Private chats
  • Unlimited registrations 
  • Unlimited storage
  • Media sharing
  • Automated events 
  • Live events
  • 24/7 chat & email support
  • Event localization
  • Room & email branding
  • Multiple native integrations 
  • Advance event setup
  • Analytics 
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GoToWebinar is a simple set-up webinar software offering highly interactive features, flexible webinar modes. Webcasting, pre-recording, powerful integrations, insightful analytics and so much more. 

It is a virtual conference platform offering a plethora of advanced webinar features to host modern, flexible, and interactive webinars and conferences. 

They have been one of the leading webinar software platforms in the market for quite a while now, and with the past few years, they are only doubling down on their features. 

GoToWebinar also focuses on different aspects of webinar management to deliver particular solutions such as training, corporate communication, and marketing. 


  • Automated Communication:  You can send invites, reminders, and follow-ups. You can also record transcriptions, all automated & scheduled.
  • Large audience with no download required: Using webcast, from 3,000 to 100,000 people can attend without downloading webinar software.
  • Accept Payments:  You can accept payment through the platform during webinars from around the globe in advance via Stripe.
  • Multiple integrations:  You can integrate multiple apps and software such as Hubspot, Salesforce, G Suite, Microsoft Teams, and many more. 


  • Automatic email invitation 
  • Follow-up emails 
  • Quick, easy & advanced event management 
  • Accepting payments through webinars 
  • Video sharing and embedding 
  • Polls, handouts, private chats & Q&A 
  • Collecting & analyzing data on performance & attendees
  • Phone, VOIP & toll-free calls 
  • Source tracking 
  • Pre-recording & webcasting 
  • Powerful and diverse integrations 
  • Reports & Analytics


WebinarJam is one of the most promising webinar software if not the best in the market where over 50,000 businesses across 40 different industries are using it.  

They are ideal for small businesses, startups, and companies to sell their products and services. 

The platform offers highly efficient and robust service of crystal clear quality live stream events. 

You will be taken care of everything ranging from the participant registration to the very end, distribution of the replays. 

The best part of the platform is it being completely thorough with their wide range of features and tools in sequence. 

Markets or business owners won’t have to lift a finger to run webinar campaigns at all.

Since they understand that live video is the future of business growth and marketing, they focus dramatically on that, and hence are specialized. 

Utilizing their cloud-based broadcasting technology, you can reach upto 5,000 people in one presentation without costing a sweat or spending a fortune. 


  • Uninterrupted High-Definition Video : You won’t have any choppy frame rates or pixelated images due to their high-definition streaming service.
  • Live Chat: it allows you to interact with participants in real time making it best for QnA. You can also use other features such as highlighted comments, sticky announcements, moderation, private comments etc.
  • Automated Recordings:  The platform automatically records your live stream in a video file where it is not just a simple recording but exact perfect replica.
  • Flexible Scheduling: You can schedule your webinar events to happen anytime with recurring series with features like ‘always-on’, ‘series of webinar’ etc. 
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  • Connect upto 5,000 participants and 6 presenters 
  • Attendee spotlight whoever speaking 
  • Browser-based platform, no downloads required 
  • Drawing board 
  • Screen annotations 
  • Live interactions on chat & run QnA in real time
  • Private chat 
  • High-quality 30 FPS audio and video broadcasting
  • Sticky announcement in chat 
  • Automated recordings 
  • Seamless video plug-in on live webinar with multi-video queue 
  • Recording as perfect replica of live event 
  • Device-agnostic platform 
  • Recurring series scheduling of webinars 
  • ‘Right Now’ and ‘Always on’ option scheduling features 
  • Interactive and easy to use page builder
  • Free unlimited hosting 
  • Split testing of your webinar pages 
  • Customized messaging 
  • Insta-boot new room & auto-redirect every participants 
  • Email automation 
  • Clickable offers 
  • Polls & Surveys with real-time results 
  • One-click registration 


If you are looking for an easy-to-use but still a powerful platform for video conferencing, ClickMeeting is where your pursuit ends. 

It is a true value for money platform where you get a wide range of webinar and video conferencing tools and features at your disposal. 

ClickMeeting also offers a waiting room where participants can wait or relax before the meeting begins, just like any physical conference. 

Even better, participants can also interact with each other before the meeting starts, maybe to share relevant and required information or communicate. 

This unique feature offered by ClickMeeting makes the webinar experience quite realistic and more communicative as well. 

Another best part about this software is its integration with PayPal which means you can monetize the video conference and its content. 

People will pay to watch or attend your video conferences either live or the replays as well. 


  • On-demand Webinars: You can generate leads and monetize from on-demand webinars allowing your audience to watch your content anytime, anywhere.
  • Automation: Schedule big scale webinars using automation tools including automation of online courses, deal closing, employee training sessions etc.
  • Live Webinars: Organize, automate and run live webinars under one roof including advanced features such as screen sharing, Q&A, custom waiting room,custom webinar broadcasting room, YT & FB live streaming and more. 
  • Meetings: Organize, run and manage interactive online meetings with upto 25 people with various tools and features.
  • Paid Webinars: Monetize your webinars recorded or live to earn money from your video conference content.
  • Integrations: Multiple seamless integrations are available with this platform including PayPal, PayU, Zapier, InfusionSoft and more. 
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  • Waiting Room
  • Automated Webinar 
  • Multi-user
  • Participant interaction in waiting room
  • Customized invitation 
  • Paid webinar 
  • Screen sharing 
  • Moderated live chat and Q&A
  • PayPal integration
  • Address book
  • Registration page
  • Webinar timeline
  • ClickMeeting mobile app
  • Social media sharing
  • Webinar recording
  • Simultaneous chat translation
  • Toll-free phone numbers
  • Profile page 
  • Free 30-days trial 


LiveStorm is one of the promising alternatives when you are looking for an efficient webinar platform. 

It is also the highest rated webinar platform on websites like G2 and Capterra. 

This one is especially for people who seek an easy-to-use platform and yet powerful solution for all of your webinar management. 

LiveStorm also, quite effective as an visually-appealing platform where it becomes very easy and fun for first-timers to use. 

The platform offers plenty of interaction-based features such as automated email reminders, automated CTAs, live chat option, follow-ups, polls & surveys and one-click invitations as well. 

Livestorm is also known to be the first full-stack webinar platform. 

To make your webinar marketing campaign smooth, the platform also offers you plan out its automation in sequence-wise. 

What only lacks in this as comparison to other competitors is the paid webinar feature, so you won’t be able to offer paid webinars.  

However, you can integrate it with TypeForm to do so,so there’s that. 


  • First Full-Stack Webinar Platform: It is the first full-stack webinar software featuring tons of tools to create, organize and manage professional interactive webinars easily.
  • Host Large-scale events: The platform is robust enough to host even ranging from 2 people to more than 1,000 with same efficiency and smoothness.
  •  No Download Required: Highly convenient for participants as no downloads required to run this browser-based webinar software.
  • High-Engagement: Livestorm allows you to engage with participants at any-scale webinar with features like polls, QnA, chat, email and more.
  • Suitable For All Kind of Events:  You can create engaging events of all the types including product demos, live events, company communication, online courses, employee onboarding and customer training. 


  • Custom registration forms 
  • Branded registration pages
  • Host events with participants upto 1,000
  • Automated emails 
  • Live answer notifications
  • Screen Sharing
  • Pre-recorded videos
  • Call-to-actions
  • Live-attendees list
  • Company pages 
  • Built-in social sharing
  • Chats 
  • Polls & Surveys
  • Guest Presenters
  • Event visibility controls 
  • Unlimited replays 
  • Automated live action
  • Analytic dashboard
  • Replay analytics
  • Unique contact list
  • Data enrichment
  • Team-wide contacts 
  • Real-time email status 
  • Email form filters
  • Recurring events 
  • Source tracking
  • Participation reports
  • One-click integrations

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