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Mothering Day is commemorated every year by the Christian community people by the English speaking countries like the United Kingdom, Israel, and others. It is celebrated in the churches of British and Israeli empires. I

t occurs three weeks before Easter Saturday (14th March 2021) and it is the fourth Sunday of the Lent. It is observed as a day in which people chose to visit their “mother church” where they are being baptized.

Mothering Sunday Messages, Greetings, and Quotes

Mothering Sunday Messages:

-Let us realize the value of food after a long fast on this propitious day, let us feel lucky to get sufficient food for our survival. Happy Mothering Sunday to all of you.

-There is nothing as cozy as the mother’s lap, no flower as beautiful as our mother’s smile, and no route as easy where the footsteps of our mother have been imprinted. Let us rejoice this mothering Sunday, folks

-On this auspicious day which is also called the “Refreshment Sunday,” our consecutive fast of the Lent is relaxed to pay heed to “feed the five thousand”. A very pious and holy Mothering Sunday to all of you.

-Our mothers have rediscovered their unknown and unused strength for the sake of our best and overcame their deadliest fear only to protect us. Let us show our love and care to the one in a million mothers on this Day.

-Let us not forget our roots, the mother church from where we have been baptized on this glorious and bright day. Let us take a moment to cherish every event of this day to the fullest.

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-The most benevolent and magnificent human being created and gifted to us by the Almighty is the mother, her heart is the most valuable thing on earth. Let us celebrate this Mothering Sunday with full zeal and amity.

-When nobody stands by our side during our troubles and miseries, only our mother stood by us with a stone-hard determination. Let us celebrate this Mothering Sunday in her honor.

-Though our mothers leave our hands after our maturity but they stay in our hearts and souls forever and enlighten our minds with their teaching and affection. Happy Mothering Sunday, folks.

-On this felicitous Day, let us beseech God for the long life of our mothers and thank him for gifting us such a wonderful human being in the form of mothers. May the mothers and children stay happy and peaceful.

-The almighty also acknowledges the fact that the mothers play a pivotal and quintessential role in shaping up their child’s character and preach them to walk on the path of benevolence. Salute to their patience and efforts.

-Mother’s are always a beautiful example of God’s greatness. On this promising day, let us all pray to God for the better health and happiness of our lovely and wonderful mothers, let us devote this day for their sake.

-Let us feel blessed and privileged for having such affectionate mothers in our lives who have sacrificed their own elations to make us smile. Let us just put an effort to make this day great and big for them.

-Being a mother always engages a lot of small memories that God knits together with elegance, poise, absolution, giggles, touches of melancholy, and affection. Enjoy your Mothering Sunday, people.

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-A mother is the one who is always wrapped with robustness, endurance, and regality, her greatest strength lies in the fact of being a mother. A very shining and cheerful Mothering Sunday to everybody.

-Let us just be magnanimous and benevolent on this sparkling when we are breaking the rules of fast of the “Lent”. Let us try to feed the poor and needy on this magnificent Day.

-Let this bright day be as fresh as the blossom of the Tulip, our hearts be as kind as the Almighty, and together let us enjoy with harmony the fast-breaking ceremony.

-With the commencement of breaking of the fast on this promising day, let us pledge to respect our mother Church for the rest of our lives and take an oath to visit it every year.

Mothering Sunday Greetings:

– Let us take the full essence of the this sanctified day and break our holy fast on this auspicious fourth Sunday of the Lent, let us make our refreshment joyous and let us enjoy the charm of the day with ecstasy and peace.

-Let us just follow and celebrate this day with full faith and heart because our prayers while breaking the fast will never be denied by God on this glowing Day. let us try to increase the grandeur of the Day with our honesty.

-Let us fully concentrate on praying and invoking the Almighty for the tranquility, prosperity, and the betterment of the health of our dear ones while breaking our prolonged fast on this special and glorious day.

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-Our Almighty is just like the heart of a mother which is a cavernous gorge at the bottom of which is filled with a lot of affection and remission. Let us just celebrate this Mothering Sunday by praying to him with all our might.

-We must remember that God is the ultimate power and the basis of our survival, let us just devote this splendid day by praying and invoking Him by breaking our fast rules of the “Lent”

-A mother is the greatest inspiration for all of us, she is the best well-wisher for us. Let us just commemorate this Mothering Sunday by doing something to express our gratitude and respect for her.

-Let this Mothering Sunday proves to be the happiest for us and our dear ones, let God be a little more kind and contended upon our actions today, Let us break the fast and entreat him with our true devotions today.

-Let us be a true devotee in celebrating this relaxation day after the “Lent”. Let us try to connect our soul with the Almighty while breaking our fast today.

Mothering Sunday Quotes:

-“There is no velvet so soft as a mother’s lap, no rose as lovely as her smile, no path so flowery as that imprinted with her footsteps.” -Archibald Thompson

-“No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love.” –Edwin Chapin

-“Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible” – arion C. Garetty

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