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The month of October is observed as an awareness month for the most common cancer type affecting women, i.e., Breast Cancer. No Bra Day gained the limelight because many women having undergone mastectomies after fighting Breast Cancer had their breasts removed and had been using prosthetics to hide this fact. 

No Bra Day Messages, Greetings and Quotes

No Bra Day Messages

– No Bra Day is observed on 13th October worldwide. On this day, many medical institutions all over the globe hold awareness programs and campaigns on Breast Cancer.

– No Bra Day essentially encourages women all over the world to go Bra-less and doing so spread awareness on this deadly disease that affects millions of women around the globe.

– Wearing a brassiere all day can also be irritating; no Bra Day comes as a relief to many women.

– While Breast Cancer is most common amongst women aged over 50 years old, there’s no scientific evidence or hardcore proof that suggests women below this age can’t get this form of Cancer.

– One upside of Breast Cancer is that it is not the most lethal form of Cancer. 

-Early diagnosis and clinical treatment that might include mastectomies or chemotherapy can cure oneself of this disease.

– On No Bra Day, women all over post pictures of themselves on various social media platforms without wearing their bras to spread awareness on Breast Cancer.

– The observance of No Bra Day has moved well beyond only spreading awareness on Breast Cancer. 

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-Currently, this day is a symbol of women availing equal rights and rising above the many prejudices they face.

– As responsible citizens of society, we must also engage ourselves in spreading awareness on Breast Cancer.

-You can educate your friends by sharing the many informative contents available on it over various social media platforms.

-No Bra Day in later years became a symbol of modern-day feminism and was used as a tool to propagate various socio-political agendas.

-No Bra Day encourages women to accept this fact and raise awareness about Breast Cancer. 

– There are many charities worldwide raising funds for women who cannot afford the treatment of Breast Cancer. Small contributions to these funds can make a huge difference.

– Observance of No Bra Day has become a symbol of women rising above all adversities and proving how tough they are yet again!

No Bra Day Greetings

– Wishing you a Jovial and relaxing No Bra Day! May the Lord keep you very healthy!

– Get rid of those bras for a day! Wishing you a carefree No Bra Day!

– Eat healthily, exercise often, and be healthy! Here’s wishing you a happy No Bra Day!

– Remember, cancer can be defeated. Happy No Bra Day! All the strength!

– Be fearless! Be bold! Go Bra-less! A happy No Bra Day to you!

– May lord keep everyone healthy and fit! Happy No Bra Day to you!

– May you have all the strength to fight against all the odds! Warm wishes on No Bra Day!

-You are the queen of your own kingdom. Wishing you a very happy day ahead.

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No Bra Day- quotes

“Making the hard to decision to throw away a once favorite bra is like deleting an ex-friend that repeatedly let you down.”
― Crystal Woods

“One of the main functions of a push-up bra is to lower the number of mothers who seem like mothers.”
― Mokokoma Mokhonoana

“I put the bra in brand, and I top it!”
― Natalya Vorobyova

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