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Origami day is celebrated on 11th November of every year. The day is celebrated on the birthday of Lillian Oppenheimer, who was the founder of the first origami group of America. The main aim of this day is to promote the uses and the arts made by origami paper. It is prevalent in Japan, China, and Europe. 

Origami Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes

Origami Day greetings:

– Origami day is here don’t hold your inner artist now; reveal it on this auspicious day. Happy international origami day

– The best way to celebrate origami day is to pick up a paper and start folding it and make something unique out of it. Got it to flaunt it.

– The best method to celebrate this origami day is to organize a contest with your friends and see who has got more artistic skills. Happy international origami day.

– Folding an origami paper may seem easy, but it’s not that simple. It takes real artistic skills to fold the paper and make something good out of it. 

– You can send as many expensive gifts as you want, but the real love and happiness always lie in the handmade gifts, so try gifting some handmade origami paper masterpiece to your loved ones. 

– Surround yourself with friends who are interested in folding the origami paper with you and creating things, not who continuously lecture you to grow up. 

Happiness is having as many origami papers you want and trying to make something new—happy international origami day.

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– Admit it. We all wanted to own an origami paper factory while we were young. 

– Nothing is more satisfying and therapeutic than folding origami paper and making something unique out of it. 

Origami Day messages:

– If you have been waiting until now to bring your creative side to this world, start that by making something cool of origami paper on origami day. 

– Only the real origami paper lover will know how much it hurts to see someone just rolling up the origami paper and throwing it. 

– Those who say that origami paper is not good enough need to sharpen their skills because if something is wrong, it’s their skills. 

– In this world, origami day, use your hands to fill the magic in the origami paper and show the world the power of art. 

– Your product of origami paper will tell you about your Creative and innovative approach to making sure it’s worth showing off to the world. 

– Knowing origami is the best type of talent. It won’t make you bore and will even earn you respect and appreciation. 

– If you have a powerful imagination and innovative approach, then you can make the world your fan and can see the world in your own way. 

– There are no rules to be followed during origami and that’s what makes it more beautiful and loving. 

– If any of your friends and family members who love origami, then the least you can do is to encourage them and appreciate them. 

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– Only those who say origami is easy those who never used and handled it appropriately. 

Origami Day quotes

“A master of origami said he tried to express with paper the joy of life, and the last thought before a man dies.”
― Tor Udall

“Tokyo was an origami city folded over and over until something was made of virtually nothing.”
― Christopher Barzak

“Tearing the paper means you’ve stopped believing in the infinite possibilities of a square.”
― Tor Udall

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