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Red Hand Day or the International Day against the Use of Child soldiers is observed each year on February 12 to raise awareness about the fact that there are more and more children being inducted into the military or other revolutionary rebellion armies.

On this particular day, numerous pleas are made to policymakers and political leaders, and events are organized around the world to draw attention to this particular cause of stopping the use of soldiers who are below the age of 18.

This day is a call to everybody for the help required to stop taking childhood away from young lives and to aid the ones who are greatly affected.

Red hand Day and the campaigns associated have existed for over 15 years and hoping to bring a necessary change every day.

To show we are not fighting this battle alone, thousands of Handprints from more than 50 countries have been collected and handed over to responsible parties and politicians, including General Ban-Ki-Moon a UN security General. Some progress has been made but the fact there are still 250,000 child soldiers affected, makes us try even harder.

To inspire and let people know more about this day, I have conjured a list of quotes and greetings that you can share on Red Hand Day.

Red Hand Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

A child will achieve humongous things with the use of brain, but not with the use of a gun. Wishing you a successful Red Hand Day campaign.

On this year’s Red Hand Day, let us take an oath to stop the use of child soldiers. Hoping to see people more involved in this Red Hand Day campaign.

They are children not soldiers. Let us all spread awareness on this year’s special eve of Red hand Day through campaigns and rallies.

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Creating children soldier without their will to become one is a huge crime. Wishing the every noble activist to stop these days of hierarchy on the eve of Red Hand Day.

Making a child bleed for the sake your pseudo revolution isn’t going to go well when you have to answer to God. Best wishes on this day of Red Hand Day, to the people who are trying their best to stop this madness.

Let us all stop these people from tearing the children’s childhood apart by standing against this hierarchical practice together. I hope to see the effect of us rebelling in the years to come.

Filling the children’s hands with a gun to shape with their will lead to disastrous outcomes, not just for the bad people but for also for the children of earth. Hope to see a change from this day of Red Hand Day onwards.

Hats off to those people who are fighting against this cause of stopping the use of child soldiers since ages. Hoping to see you guys succeed and make this world a better place. Wishing you a Happy Red Hand Day.

If everybody is integrated to stop the slaughtering of childhood that is done by the merciless people, then our world would be able to get rid of this obstacle way too quickly. Best wishes on the eve of Red Hand Day.

Children shape our future with their skills to change the world in a positive way. A gun won’t be able to do that ever. Hope to see more children changing the future of our world.

Try to raise more awareness on this delicate issue of stopping the bad people from using a child to fight their battles in the day of Red Hand Day.

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Lives of the both old and the young shall matter to everyone. Wishing you the best and reminding you the importance of young mind on this Red Hand Day.

A child can’t help but lose his/her mind being a soldier. Hoping and wishing to see a change on the eve of Red Hand Day.

Let us all stop this atrocities faced by these minors at a very young age. Wishing to see better days starting from this year’s Red Hand Day.

Remember there’s shouldn’t be any pride for becoming the victim by being a child soldier. Wishing you nothing but more happy days in your life on the day of Red Hand Day.

They might fight like a soldier, but they die as children. Only we can stop this monstrosity, hoping to see more people bring a change against this shameful use of child soldiers.

On this special occasion of Red Hand Day encourage more people to join the movement to stop using child as a soldier to fight dirty battles. Wishing a happy Red Hand Day to such brave and noble people.

To serve the hatred of adults, a child is taught to show violent expressions. On this year’s Red Hand Day, I urge more and more people to join this fight against the use of child soldiers.

We must stop children from becoming the instruments of war. Wishing the noble-minded activists a very happy Red Hand Day.

The choices for a child should not be limited to kill or be killed. Let us all unite and provide them a better future to grow. Best wishes to you on this Red Hand Day.

Why does the role of a soldier being played by a child? On the eve of Red Hand Day, you are obliged to ask this particular. Hope you spend this Red Hand Day with rational thinking.

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The world will be destroyed by the people who just stood and watch. Lets’ just stop doing nothing and start doing something from this Red Hand Day onwards.

On this Red Hand Day, fight for the cause and raise awareness to shape the future of a child. Best wishes to you on your journey against evil.

We cannot just keep calm and do nothing against this monstrosity of using child as a soldier. Wishing us all the strength to win this battle together on the eve of Red Hand Day.

There is only one good childhood that a child can experience, by making them soldiers is not the way. Let’s all of us stand together to stop this from happening

Wishing that all the children can someday be free from these atrocities. Have a happy Red Hand Day.

From the age of eight they are trained to ruin their childhood and fight for a lost cause. Then what are we waiting for, come and join the cause to fight for these children.

Even though the children have no opinions about war, in the end they are the ones suffering from it the most. Try to make a change from this Red Hand Day.

Make a promise to yourself on this year’s Red Hand Day to save one child at a time from these horrors of war.

The irony is that children are being stopped from suffering death in their mother’s womb, but only to be killed in the earth’s womb. Here’s something to think about on this Red Hand Day

On the eve of Red Hand Day wishing you the power of making a decision to stop these children from dying.

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