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For the children in the Netherlands, Christmas comes early as the arrival of SinterKlaas, a saint patron of children is celebrated on 5th of December. It is said that Saint Nicholas or Sinterklaas just like Santa Claus comes at night to bring gifts for the children belonging to the nice and good list.

The day is celebrated in a way where there are impersonators of Saint Nicholas who are spreaded across the country to impersonate the way Saint Nicholas used to celebrate this day.

Sinterklaas Day or Saint Nicholas’s eve falls a day short of St. Nicholas Day which falls on 6th of December every year. People celebrate this day by keeping 5 empty shoes for the Zwarte Piet (the companions of Saint Nicholas) in order to be filled with goodies and chocolates.

Below is a list of greetings and quotes that you can use to celebrate this lovely occasion of Sinterklaas Day with all the fellow Dutch people-

_On this auspicious occasion of Sinterklaas Day, I wish you a bunch of gifts, joy, peace and happiness from Saint Nicholas himself. Wish you a cheerful Sinterklaas Day.

_Wish you a very Happy Sinterklaas Day. May Saint Nicholas fill your life with happiness and shoes with gifts all around. Have a fun filled day.

_On this Joyous Day, I wish your Sinterklaas Day is blessed with all the love and happiness, kindness and generosity. Have a lovely day with you family and loved ones.

_May you and your loved ones celebrate this lovely occasion of Sinterklaas Day with great joy and merriment.

_Keep the doors unlocked today as Zwarte Piet will visit you drop the presents off! May the blessings of Saint Nicholas may always shine upon you. Have a nice Sinterklaas Day.

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_Celebrate this momentous occasion of Sinterklaas Day with pure joy as it is a day to haul a bag full of presents which will get unwrapped eventually down in the day.

_For the presents we will receive on the eve of Sinterklaas Day, we can sing a thank you song to Sinterklaas as a lovely gesture. Wish you and your family a very delightful Sinterklaas Day.

_On this joyous occasion of Sinterklaas Day let us all try to bring some pure joy in somebody else’s life as everybody has the right to smile. Have a joy giving Sinterklaas Day.

_May the blessings of St Nicholas shine upon the country of Holland and its people. Wishing everyone a joyous Sinterklaas Day.

_Let us all take a moment to appreciate the people who have kept the soul and essence of Saint Nicholas alive by following the seven hundred year old tradition. Hope you a lovely Sinterklaas Day.

_Keep your 5 big shoes ready as Sinterklaas will try fit in plenty of presents and chocolate goodies. May you spend a lovely Sinterklaas Day with your friends and family.

_On this special occasion of Sinterklaas Day let us all sing the six famous old songs for this festival which dates back to 19th and early 20th century. Have a melodious Sinterklaas Day with your loved ones.

_On the eve of Sinterklaas Day, the local churches will ring in celebration as Sinterklaas and the Black Peters will come ashore from the steam boat. Wish you a lovely and joyful Sinterklaas day with your family.

_Dance and sing in joy as the favorite Saint of ours will visit the Dutch people through the town, dressed in red while riding a white horse. Wish you and all the lovely souls a very happy Sinterklaas day

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_This is the occasion to play with your presents given by our Patron Saint and drink a hot chocolate and sleep from all that pent up excitement. Hope you have a peaceful Sinterklaas day.

_As we celebrate the occasion of Sinterklaas day with our loved ones, I wish you to get a gift of doing whatever your heart desires you to do. Have a delightful Sinterklaas day.

_On this Sinterklaas day, wishing you and your family a lifetime of good health, joy and happiness. Have a great day ahead.

_May the greatest gift that you will be presented today by our patron saint be the moments of happiness and pure joy in life. Wishing you a Sinterklaas day full of merriment and enjoyment.

_Health and wealth should be the perfect gift for by the St Nicholas on this special occasion of Sinterklaas day. Lead a splendid day with your loved ones.

_Let us all be thankfully to the Patron Saint Nicholas for showering us with overwhelming and goodies over the years. May he stay alive in our hearts forever. Have a beautiful Sinterklaas day.

For a change instead of asking for gifts, let’s us pray to the Saint Nicholas for the blessings to lead a happy and prosperous life.  Wish you a wonderful Sinterklaas day.

_On the eve of Sinterklaas day, I wish that you and your family is today and always blessed with harmony and prosperity. May St Nicholas grant you the gift of joy.

_I have no idea what Saint Nicholas is going to send you on this Sinterklaas day but I will send you warm regards and loads of love, care and affection. May you spend a joyous day with your loved ones.

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_The greatest gift one can get is the feeling of joy, affection and peace. On the eve of Sinterklaas day, I hope you are blessed with these gifts from Saint Nicholas.

_Sending lots of hugs, love and affection to you on this special occasion of Sinterklaas day. May you and your family are always blessed with good health and prosperity.

_On the eve of Sinterklaas day, May you are showered with choicest blessings and all those special gifts and goodies by the Patron Saint Nicholas. Have a delightful day ahead.

_Don ‘t stress about whether you are in the naught list or good list of Saint Nicholas it doesn’t matter as long as you know that you are a good person. Wishing you a cheerful Sinterklaas day.

_On the eve of Sinterklaas day, May you and your family be blessed with lots of moments of togetherness. Have a lovely Sinterklaas day full of goodies and presents.

_May the occasion of Sinterklaas day is full of great joy and merriment for you and your family.

_On this special occasion of Sinterklaas day, May you are blessed with moments of happiness and harmony with your loved ones.

_May the patron saint of ours blesses you with the gift of everything that you want to do in your life. Hope you have a memorable Sinterklaas day.

_May this year’s Sinterklaas day be the most lovable and memorable day of yours. I hope you get everything you have desired for.

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