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National 7- Eleven Day is celebrated on the 11th of July every year worldwide. It was first celebrated on the 11th of July, 2002, and is also known as National Slurpee Day. To attribute the quality, all Slurpee items are marked from 7 to 11 timings of the day every year.

National 7- Eleven Day – greetings

-The scorching sun rays of the summer months take out all our energy from the body. So, refreshing drinks, Slurpees are needed with infinite flavors. 

-Cheers to the drinks and wishing everyone Happy National 7- Eleven Day.

-Everyone’s all-time favorite drink is served free of cost on this day. Go and grab your offers, enjoy the extreme with everyone present there, and wishing Happy National 7- Eleven Day, everybody.

-Happy National 7- Eleven Day, everyone. It is such an energetic day. Free deals are available on the favorite flavor of Slurpee you buy, so keep in mind to wish the store people with your beautiful greetings.

-Slurpee, being such an icy cold beverage, is famous all over the world. Enjoy the drinks and follow their traditions. Start celebrating all together by wishing Happy National 7- Eleven Day and start creating memories.

-Now, as the store opening time is increased from 7 a.m to 11 p.m, start planning for the day beforehand and do not allow any hindrance to disturb your planning. Happy National 7- Eleven Day, everyone.

-Gather all your friend circles, go to the local 7- Eleven store and enjoy the icy Slurpee with various flavors. Get into refreshment you all deserve and wish each other Happy National 7- Eleven Day and again enjoy.

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-You miss your good old days when you used to enjoy with your family members. So why not you grab this offer and visit the 7- Eleven local stores with your family members and wishing them Happy National 7- Eleven Day.

-You are enough for yourself. Remember that. Why not enjoy the day alone by yourself. Yes, yes, you can. 

-Visit the store and start chilling with your favorite flavor of Slurpee, wishing yourself Happy National 7- Eleven Day.

-Write notes regarding the history and tradition set up of the 7- Eleven stores and about the Icee flavor of the Slurpee. Send this to your known ones with notes wishing them Happy National 7- Eleven Day.

-The drinks are offered to the sanctioned audience with their terms and conditions mentioned. It is a sign of celebrating the day and wishing the customers Happy National 7- Eleven Day.

-As you visit there, click pictures of yours along with your family members and friends, wishing them the day and sharing it socially so that you can want to Happy National 7- Eleven Day to everyone.

-The concept is unique, and you should take the initiative to promote the industry. Share greetings, messages regarding the day, and with the binding objective of wishing everyone Happy National 7- Eleven Day.

–Being a responsible participant for the day, clear the misunderstandings people have about the beverages that it is harmful to human health. Wishing a great day ahead.

-Share them the necessary information and notes of wishing Happy National 7- Eleven Day.

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-Enjoy the day to its climax and flaunt your enjoyment of the day by using several own made hashtag, wish them Happy New 7- Eleven Day so that everyone can see and also try to enjoy their day like yours.

National 7- Eleven Day – messages

-The day was first decided to be celebrated by the Americans as the Americans observed it. Then it started spreading and is now known in all corners of the globe, making its position.

-In the year 1927, the 7- Eleven local stores were decided to be starting receiving the name of South Land Ice Company with the sign of Totem. It was famous and was known as ” tote’em ” to find the items.

-So finally gaining name and fame, after the year 1947, the local story granting the decision from the company decided to open the store from 7 a.m to 11 p.m and transferred its name.

-After much fame, they decided to change the name of the drink, and with proper permission and licensing, they changed the name of the frozen drink as the Slurpee, one of the favorite drinks of all time.

-On the National 7- Eleven Day, 7- Eleven provides you with free Slurpee and existing deals and offers for delicious foods like chicken items, hot dogs to refresh your mind and make you energetic.

-A fan fact is that Slurpee was discovered by mistake, and then sudden growth of it made the local 7- Eleven stores to provide the customers with an edible straw. This new idea came up in the year 2003.

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-When the Slurpee was first discovered, there were only two flavors available to the customers. They were coke and cheery. Then came the taste of ice, providing a refreshing day to the customers.

-As we learned about the fact and history of the National 7- Eleven Day, we should take initiatives to be part of it and be as responsible in our duty to our best, and gain knowledge, also to share it.

National 7- Eleven Day – quotes

-Whenever I get frustrated, I tell myself, you could be working at a 7- Eleven right now, so never take yourself or what you do for our living as granted.

 – Shannen Doherty.

• I have met guys who work the overnight shift at 7-11, selling slurpees and camels to insomniacs who have more introspection that a lot of people in the mainstream media.

 – Bernard Goldberg.

• When it is finals week and you have been studying for five hours straight, you need three things to get you through the night. The biggest Slurpee you can find, half cherry half coke. Washed tissue thin pajama pants. And finally dance breaks, lots of dance breaks.

 – Jenny Han

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