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Good day fams greetings from Alitech, Seems people find it difficult to stream live TV online from platform like Netflix, Hulu, Youtube Tv etc which you have to go for their subscription plan before you can be able to watch movies on there platform or app, that make us to bring alternative way to you which Airtel TV

With Airtel Tv you can stream online for free without going for any subscription or subscribe to any plan like yea I mean it ,it free streaming. 

But before we go further I will like us to know more about Airtel TV and how you can go though there features via there app let being. 

What is Airtel TV 

Airtel TV is a live one Tv which was called one stop destination for Live TV, Movies, Videos, Tv Shows and so on and so forth, the platform Airtel TV is design or publish with huge collections of streaming with different languages which you can search for your video on the app with author name, title and anything that might be linked to your search. 

Airtel TV

The App is also attache with  A curated list of short videos  and trailers of latest and popular  Movies, Tv shows, Music Video original shows and other viral video is also available. 

Once you have registered successful on the app then you can now stream online and create your favourite list and share it with your friends. 

These App (Airtel TV)  is one of the Best Movie, Tv shows, video and more streamers with unlimited  entertainment hub with Nollywood, Regional and international content. 


Content available across genres you can take your pick from the huge collection curated for you, there  are also some FAQ questions which you will find on the app once you gain access to all questions like. 

Airtel TV FAQ

  • What is Airtel Tv
  • How do I download the app
  • What all can I do on Airtel Tv
  • My question is not here and 
  • Any device restrictions 
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Sign up and Registration FAQ 

  • Why do I need to register
  • How do I create my free Airtel Tv account 
  • I did not receive a Pin, what now? 
  • What is my mobile number needed for? 
  • The app did not ask for my phone 

Streaming and watching FAQ 

  • Who to access Airtel Tv
  • I am an airtel user but still unable to watch content 
  • I am an airtel user but I’m getting Switch to Airtel Sim  error 
  • I’m getting  Turn on Airtel Mobile data message 
  • How can I choose the streaming quality of the video for watching. 
  • Why is playback quality set as low


Airtel TV Search FAQ 

  • How can I search for TV shows, Videos, Movies and Channel 
  • Can I share for a particular actor 
  • Can I create a wish list of video to see later
  • Can I request my favorite movie show if is not available in the app .

Airtel TV Payment, Charging Social FAQ 

  • What are the charges for streaming 
  • How much does it cost to use the app
  • How do I share any videos 

There are also other listed FAQ that we can list here although we won’t be able to provide all the answers to the FAQ

question but we will answer some in the process of creating the account that will be stated below .


How To Create Airtel TV Account And Stream online Free 


Before you can be able to create airtel TV account there are somethings to put into consideration and some requirements. 

that will be needed before you can be able to make use of the app and be a successful registered member of airtel TV user the requirements and things to note will be stated below before we process in creation of the app. 


Things To Note Before Creating An Airtel TV Account 

  • To avail in the service you will need to register on airtel’s websites or on the App and create an account  before you can be e able to access the app without limitation.
  • The app is only available for Nigeria users (that is the app can only be make use of in Nigeria only)
  • Under Age that is person below 18 year old is not allowed to register on the app.
  • You have to agree that you are not allowed to gain access to users MISSDN account or device of any other person for using the service in any manners.
  • The device to be make use of my you must be fully control by you that is you must be the other of the phone.
  • Acknowledge that the Service maybe available and compatible only on selected device depending on technical compatibility and you should understand any time that airtel might restrict the use of the application and service on any particular device.
  • Internet connection is needed to be able to access the app which some other charges may be include for accessing and using service for subscription streaming and download.
  • Agreement by you is also schedule that upgrade, update, modifications, enhancement maybe release on the app.
  • Lastly No public exhibition of service and you must be a airtel user and subscriber before you can gain full control of the app. 
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Requirements Need To Open An Airtel Tv Account 

Things needed to be able to open an Airtel Tv account are listed below. 

  • A profile (Setting up your profile) .
  • MISSIDN And your Name, email, gender and location is needed.
  • Username And password needed
  • Your financial info
  • Other Data and information that airtel may require for the usage of the app.
  • A onetime password
  • Airtel Internet Connection 

All information that you will be provide when creating the app must be correct.

Now that you have to the requirements that will be needed let go straight on how you can create the account Airtel TV account. 


How To Create An Airtel TV Account And Stream Online Free

  1. First you need to switch on you airtel network connection you must be a airtel subscribe and have internet access. 
  2. Download The app Airtel Tv app from play store or Click here for straight download link. 
  3. Install and Open the app, one your connection is verified you will be ask or a pop up message will Come up asking you to Register to enable streaming on Airtel Tv.
    Airtel TV
  4. Click on Register the you will be notify that they collcet some information as listen below
    >Your phone number to verify and to determine subscription details for Airtel Streaming >Your Date of Birth, Age so as to show content relevant for your age>Your name to display in the profile inside the app

    >And lastly your email address to communicate products offer and support services to you.
    Airtel TV

  5. After that click on the accept button the input your phone number and email address the click on continue.

  6. An OTP onetime password will be sent to your number that you inputted provide them with the code and click on continue or resend OTP if you don’t receive one. 

By following the step as state above you have successfully create an Airtel TV account you can now start

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streaming online Movies, Tv shows, Series Movie, Music videos and other videos online for free View Airtel Tv app. 


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What your opinion on these app?  Let know view the comment box enjoy streaming online. 



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