All Features and New Content in Realm Royale

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The once-beloved Battle Royale fantasy title by Hi-Rez Studios, Realm Royale has mounted up for a return! Rebranding itself as Realm Royale Reforge, the new game is available now and brings with it a number of new improvements as well as additional aspects to what already made its unique gameplay so impactful in the first place. Along with it comes a bunch of great freebies for both legacy players as well as ones just jumping in too. We’ve got all there is to know, so read on to gain some information on what this newly launched game has in store.

All Features and New Content in Realm Royale

After a few weeks of anticipation as a player test server had rolled out and numerous tweets from the official Realm Royale Twitter page had teased some big news was coming, today, players were treated to the announcement that Realm Royale was back and better than ever with a new name to boot. Realm Royale Reforged is its name and brings all of what players loved about the original and even more. Let’s talk about what’s included!


The Runes system has been swapped out for Armor, and there are 4 different pieces of Armor that players can loot, equip, and upgrade over a game’s duration. Each also grants players different buffs or bonuses.

  • Helm: Increased Cooldown reduction
  • Breastplate: Additional Armor P5/Health P5
  • Gauntlets: Increased Reload and Weapon Swap speed
  • Greaves: Increased Movement speed and Mount speed

Class Locking

Weapons are now locked to classes but players will have more flexibility within them. Class abilities have been broken into two separate types; Movement Abilities and Combat Abilities.

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Movement Abilities

Movement Abilities never change and cannot be dropped from your inventory. Finding better rarities or upgrading them will increase their power.

  • Warrior – Heroic Leap
  • Hunter – Grapple Hook
  • Mage – Soar
  • Assassin – Blink

Combat Abilities

Combat Abilities can now be used in either slot, and there are new ones too. This gives players even more possibilities with their builds.

Equip Process

You must now “stage” abilities and then hit the corresponding ability button for the slot if you want to swap one if your slots are full and want to pick one off of the ground.

Class Weapons

Class Weapons can now only be wielded by the corresponding classes. Classes currently have two weapons in-game with more to be added at a later date.





  • Sniper Rifle
  • Heirloom Rifle

Additional New Abilities

Universal Combat Ability

Class Combat Abilities

  • Assassin – Decoy
  • Warrior – Enrage
  • Mage – Fireball

New Weapons

Universal Weapon

Class Weapons

  • Mage – Fire Staff
  • Mage – Ice Staff

Class Chests

These are new chests that can be found and looted throughout the Realm and hold class-specific weapons and abilities as well as armor. These chests have a high chance of getting Rare items as well as Epic ones too.

Circle Zone Size Changes

Circle Zones will now be designated as soon as a game starts, resulting in less “downtime” at the beginning of matches. This is hoped to bring more intense combat moments to the players within each game.

Game Mode Queue Changes

Modes include Solos and Trios with Duos and Squads not available as of now.

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New Content

OG Bundle

Granted to everyone with an existing Realm Royale account and has played the game prior to the Realm Royale Reforged Update.


  • OG Warrior Skin
  • OG Hunter Skin
  • OG Mage Skin
  • OG Assassin Skin
  • OG Chicken Skin
  • OG Warrior Avatar
  • OG Hunter Avatar
  • OG Mage Avatar
  • OG Assassin Avatar
  • OG Loading Screen
  • Wipe the Floor Spray

Forged in Fire Bundle

Granted to players that log in during the first Realm Royale Reforged Update. (Sent out at a later date)


  • Phoenix Chicken Skin
  • Phoenix Skydive Skin
  • Realm Champions Loading Screen
  • Realm is Bok Baby! Loading Screen
  • Don’t Look Back Loading Screen

4 Cosmetic Items by Pandreem

  • I’m Bok Avatar
  • Hearts Ablaze Avatar
  • Fired Up Spray
  • Down in Flames Spray

Patience Bundle

Price – 1200 Crowns


  • Patience Avatar
  • Kaleidoscope Reforanged Mount
  • Glitch’n Chicken Chicken Skin
  • Chicken Stew Spray

That’s all there is to know about Realm Roayle Reforged! Now get in there and have some fun!

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