All Main Scenario Quests in FFXIV 6.2


Here’s a list of all main quests in FFXIV 6.2.

Patch 6.2 has finally dropped in Final Fantasy XIV, and it’s an exciting one. Players will finally get to continue the main story, check out the new Pandaemonium raids, and even participate in a casual farming mode. Here’s a full list of all Main Scenario Quests in FFXIV 6.2: Buried Memory.

All MSQs in FFXIV 6.2: Buried Memory

  1. In Search of Azdaja
  2. Shadowed Remnants
  3. Where Everything Begins
  4. Groping in the Dark
  5. Nowhere to Run
  6. The Wind Rises
  7. Return from the Void
  8. A World with Light and Life
  9. Buried Memory

There are a total of nine quests in this patch and while that might not sound like a lot, it’s important to note that there’s a new dungeon and trial to clear in there as well. All in all, it took us around three hours to clear all of the main story content, and it could take even longer than that if you’re really taking your time to talk to every NPC to see every bit of flavor text.

Outside of the main quests, there are plenty of other things to do in this patch, including the Pandaemonium raids as mentioned previously, as well as the brand new Island Sanctuary mode.

That’s all you need to know about the Main Scenario Quests that have been added in FFXIV 6.2. Be sure to check out our Fell Court of Troia dungeon guide and Storm’s Crown trial guide if you’re planning on playing through the story today.

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