All New Features, Quests, and Collectibles in Ooblets 1.0

A lot of new content came along in 1.0.

Ooblets 1.0
Image Via Glumberland

The long-awaited full release of Glumberland’s adorable life-sim, Ooblets is finally here and with its 1.0 update comes a long laundry list of new features, quests, and collectibles for players to engage with and get their hands on. Today, we’re going to highlight all of the new and notable things that came with Ooblets 1.0 so that players new and old know exactly what to look for in the big colorful world.

All New Features, Quests, and Collectibles in Ooblets 1.0

Image via Glumberland

This huge release for Ooblets not only brought a lot of improvements to the gameplay but also some more content for both during and following players’ completion of the main storyline. In fact, with 1.0 comes quests that culminate in the conclusion of the main storyline. So players finally have a goal to sort of work towards.

Additionally, there are a lot of new NPCs, 30 to be exact with over 100 new daily NPC interactions. On top of that, there are tons of new collectibles for players to pursue during their time in this exciting little game. There are 3 new Ooblets and over 200 clothing and accessory items as well. Aside from that, there’s a new region, Tippytop, as well as 3 new secret visitable regions to uncover.

Here are the new things that came with update 1.0:

  • New region – Tippytop
  • 3 new secret visitable regions
  • Secret Ooblet island system
  • 3 new Ooblets
  • Over 30 new NPCs
  • 100 new daily NPC interactions
  • Over 200 new clothing/accessory items
  • World map/overworld added
  • Oobnet system added
  • New dance battle cards added
  • Inventory item stacking
  • Can split stacks or grab/drop single items
  • Performance improvements
  • Lightning effects can be turned off for photosensitive players (on applicable platforms)
  • Autosave optimization and save file size reduction
  • Added Spicyspears to heater recipes
  • Added new Treabie items for Gumple and Lickzer
  • Changed Chickadingding’s Treabie requirements
  • Made Pro Display Cases have transparent glass
  • Allowed all UI scrollbars to be controlled by mouse
  • Updated farm to show more objects with the icy effect on snow days
  • Grey out inventory items in the deposit UI if you already met the required amount
  • Items made with the Crunchster and Swooshler can now be sold to Meed/Dubble
  • Player shop now tracks selling crafted items
  • Energy meter shows the correct weather/time when you eat an inventory item
  • Added item numbers for your furniture inventory
  • Player club can now be selected with keyboard
  • Fixed farming tutorial to not be skippable and show the proper hotbar tooltips
  • Updated furniture collision to fit better
  • Made important story quests show as starred and pinned to the top of the task UI
  • Duplicate Ooblets show on the “Today’s Oobs” screen if they’re from different regions
  • Customers in the player shop can now ask for event items
  • The farming cursor now turns red when you’re busy interacting
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That’s everything there is to know about Ooblets 1.0 and all it brought with it!

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