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Posted on February 28, 2024

Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson is a retired American professional basketball player. He spent 14 seasons in the National Basketball Association (NBA). He played both shooting guard and point guard for the team. Similarly, he was named an NBA All-Star 11 times and was named All-Star Game MVP in 2001 and 2005. Following that, he was named the NBA’s Most Valuable Player (MVP) in 2001.

In 2016, he was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Being one of the best basketball players is no joke, and it necessitates a set of distinct skills. And Allen Iverson was a complete basketball player. Despite numerous setbacks throughout the course of his 14-year career, he has progressed to his current position.

Here are 55 Allen Iverson quotes to help you be a successful person.

  1. “You can hide from the devil, but he’ll always find you.”― Allen Iverson
  2. “I don’t really care too much about what people who don’t care about me say about me, but a lot of times, you know, I get tired of defending myself.”― Allen Iverson
  3. “I surround myself with people who make me laugh.”― Allen Iverson  92nd
  4. “You hit roadblocks in life, but I’m living proof that you can overcome those roadblocks and become what you want to become.”― Allen Iverson
  5. “I didn’t take constructive criticism the way I should have. When I finally caught up to that, that’s when I went to being the MVP.”― Allen Iverson
  6. “My friend… used to tease me about a tattoo I had right here, but it was so big, and what he was teasing me about – he said it looked like a flying monkey. It’s supposed to have been a grim reaper holding a ball. But it did look like a monkey.”― Allen Iverson
  7. “Just because you put a guy in a tuxedo doesn’t make him a good guy.”― Allen Iverson
  8. “I wasn’t a point guard. I was a killer.”― Allen Iverson
  9. “Me and my family are straight. I am blessed. I am alive, man, and I am healthy, and that is the only thing that matters. Me and my family, everybody else, it really doesn’t matter because why do you care about somebody talking negatively about you if they don’t know you?”― Allen Iverson
  10. “I wasn’t a fan of the Sixers. My dad was a big Mo Cheeks fan, and he wanted me to be drafted by the Sixers. My thing was, if that could make my dad happy, then that would make me happy, you know what I mean?”― Allen Iverson
  11. “When you win, everything is everything. But when you lose, it’s all about Allen Iverson and Larry Brown. When we win, I know that I get the praise and Larry Brown gets the praise, but when we lose, it’s on me and Larry Brown. That’s something that I have to learn to accept and deal with.”― Allen Iverson
  12. “I had a lot of growing up to do. A lot of times, I learned the hard way.”― Allen Iverson
  13. “Being older, I can’t imagine a parent not wanting to be in their kid’s life. I will just never understand it. To me, it’s priceless.”― Allen Iverson
  14. “Obviously, if I could go back and change anything, I would be a perfect man. And I know there’s no perfect man.”― Allen Iverson
  15. “I failed, got back up. I failed, got back up.”― Allen Iverson
  16. “I gave everything I had to basketball. The passion is still there, but the desire to play is not. It was a great ride.”― Allen Iverson
  17. “Either you give in, or you fight. That’s all I know, being where I’m from. You fight for what you want. You go after what you want. The only thing I could do was give up or keep fighting for what I wanted in life.”― Allen Iverson
  18. “I wasn’t afraid to be who I am. I didn’t think anything was wrong with it.”― Allen Iverson
  19. “My dream was bigger than anything else. My fight and me wanting to fulfill what I wanted to be in life. That was enough to keep me strong enough to endure anything.”― Allen Iverson
  20. “I had to learn that some people are just not going to like you. I had to have thick skin when I would see what people would say or write about me.”― Allen Iverson
  21. “Just understand that there’s going to be some ups, there’s going to be some downs.”― Allen Iverson
  22. “Tattoos, cornrows, headbands, hip-hop. I never meant to start any trends. I got my butt kicked, but if that meant that the guys who came after me could be themselves, then it was worth it.”― Allen Iverson
  23. “My mom always told me that I could be anything I wanted to be. And I truly, actually believed it. And I fought.”― Allen Iverson
  24. “Detroit was a bad situation for me.”― Allen Iverson
  25. “If I don’t believe it, then they don’t need me on the court. I’ve just got to believe that in my heart.”― Allen Iverson
  26. “I always wanted to be a Sixer… I always wanted to finish my career as a Sixer.”― Allen Iverson
  27. “I don’t want to just go to the playoffs, I don’t want to go to the playoffs and win the first round, second round, and not win the whole thing because it’s bittersweet.”― Allen Iverson
  28. “Personally I just want to win a championship.”― Allen Iverson
  29. “Man, I’m 31 years old and a husband with four kids; I hope I’m no thug. I hear all those negative things and don’t hear anything positive. I think that’s all those people feel… that way that’s all they hear about when you hear Allen Iverson did something negative or something.”― Allen Iverson
  30. “I dressed like the guys who I grew up with. I looked like the guys I grew up with.”― Allen Iverson
  31. “Being an All-Star is everything.”― Allen Iverson
  32. “This is the thing you dream about when you’re a kid, even before getting into the league.”― Allen Iverson
  33. “When you are not practicing, someone else is getting better.”― Allen Iverson
  34. “If I could take back all the mistakes that I made throughout my career, I would have had a perfect career. I would have missed no shots. I would have made no turnovers. I would have went right instead of going left when I was supposed to, every game.”― Allen Iverson
  35. “It was a blessing just to play one NBA basketball game.”― Allen Iverson
  36. “I wish the media and people that work in media would realize sometimes – and I know it doesn’t pay your bills – but sometimes just sit back and think, like, ‘Man, what if this was my child? And somebody was doing this to them? And they had to go through it? If somebody bashed them like this?’”― Allen Iverson
  37. “I just want kids all over the world to know you have to practice to be any good in this game; it’s too hard.”― Allen Iverson
  38. “I knew I was gonna be the number one pick, but I didn’t know.”― Allen Iverson
  39. “God gave me all this; why waste the talent that he gave me? Why not go full throttle with it all and try to become in the class with the greatest players that ever played the game? That’s just a great feeling.”― Allen Iverson
  40. “I’m just a regular 24/7 dad now.”― Allen Iverson
  41. “Guys is supposed to be able to be original and dress like how they want to dress. The NBA can’t dress no grown man.”― Allen Iverson
  42. “You used to think the suspect was the guy with the cornrows; now you see the police officers with the cornrows.”― Allen Iverson
  43. “I believe that whatever we have, regardless of a trade being done or not, I feel we have a shot. I’ve just got to believe that we’re going to be all right. I’ve got to just play basketball.”― Allen Iverson
  44. “I don’t care. I feel like if we don’t make a trade, we have to get it done with what we’ve got.”― Allen Iverson
  45. “I owe all of this to the guys I’ve played with and all the coaches that have helped me get to where I’m at right now. I’m honored to be here.”― Allen Iverson
  46. “If that many people recognize how hard I go every night and what I put into my game, to make myself and my team better, it means a lot to me. I’m fortunate; I’m blessed to be in the situation that I’m in right now.”― Allen Iverson
  47. “This is like a tribute to them, the people who helped me to get here. The thing that makes me feel good about the whole thing is, the fans voted me here.”― Allen Iverson
  48. “We should because when coaches get fired, the players have a lot to do with it.”― Allen Iverson
  49. “When you lose, there is a whole bunch of room for negativity and I don’t feed into this stuff and I do not do any talking. I don’t run my mouth.”― Allen Iverson
  50. “He’s helped me do so much in my career, helped me be the player that I am. If there’s no Larry Brown, then there’s no MVP, Allen Iverson.”― Allen Iverson
  51. “Man, people have been waiting for me to fall off my whole career. From the first time I stepped on the court. It probably made people sick to their stomachs watching my whole career, watching the things that I’ve done in my career.”― Allen Iverson
  52. “I love my fans in Philadelphia, but this is the hardest place in the world to play in. And I think it’s the hardest place to play in to be a superstar. Just to be the No. 1 guy. All eyes on you – because everybody wants you to be perfect, but not themselves.”― Allen Iverson
  53. “I may not know everything about physical talent or anything like that, but I have a sharp mind when it comes to that look: being able to look into somebody’s eyes to tell if they are going to be in the foxhole with you tonight, or if they are not.”― Allen Iverson
  54. “I don’t watch college basketball.”― Allen Iverson
  55. “I am sick of defending myself, and I am not going to keep on doing it.”― Allen Iverson
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