Anomaly Detected in Destiny 2


Destiny 2 launched its final quest to wrap up Season 17, and today, we’ll be going over how to complete it.

Season 17 is finally coming to a close in Destiny 2. From swinging a flaming scythe at their enemies to literally speaking with ghosts of the past, Guardians have done quite a lot this past season. With that said, Calus, the newly appointed disciple of the Witness, has one last message for Guardians in this final week of the season in the form of a small quest. So today, let’s discuss How To Complete High Alert: Anomaly Detected In Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 High Alert: Anomaly Detected Guide

How to Complete High Alert: Anomaly Detected

  1. Complete all previous seasonal quests.

    Upon completing all previous seasonal quests, you will get a notification for the final quest in your quest tab stating: High Alert: Anomaly Detected. It will say that an anomaly has been detected at the Helm and ask you to investigate it.

  2. Go to The Helm.

    Upon loading into the Helm, a projection of Calus will be waiting for you as he gives you one final warning regarding the arrival of the Witness.

  3. Return to the Tower and speak With Zavala.

    After informing Zavala of what has transpired, he tells you he isn’t sure what will come next, but Guardians will always be ready for it. Once his dialogue ends, you will be rewarded with an Ascendant Shard and a new Exotic Sparrow: Trauermarsch, and you will have completed the quest.

What Happens Next?

As of right now, nothing. With your completion of the High Alert quest, Season 17 officially ends. All that is left to do is to gather your materials, weapons, and more in preparation for the arrival of Season 18, which will launch next week on Aug 23. How speaking with Calus will transition into the next season remains to be seen, but over the last year, Bungie has been at the top of their game with their story-telling, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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That’s all for now. Season 18 officially launches on Aug 23, right after the reveal of Destiny 2 2024 Showcase stream. We’re also expecting the reveal of the Arc 3.0 details later this week, and we’ll be sure to cover it once the details are out. For more Destiny 2-related info, check out our related articles below.

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