Apex Legends Mobile Fade – How to Unlock, Abilities, and more

Apex Legends Mobile is here and along with it comes a new challenger, Fade! In this article, we’ll tell you all there is to know about him and how you can unlock him!

Apex Legends Mobile was released just a couple of days ago on the 17th of May 2024 and it is already being seen as a global phenomenon with the game having 10 Million plus downloads in only a matter of days. With the release of the game also came a new Legend, Fade and here is how you can unlock him and start outplaying your enemies in the latest, most amazing way possible.

In the Prime Time Patch Notes for Apex Legends Mobile, they introduced us to the latest Legend they will be adding to the game – Fade. With an amazing backstory of coming from a family of headhunters and being the youngest having a thirst to prove himself, Fade made some dealings with a few not-so-reliable clients which ended in his family losing their lives. Now, he’s back and out for revenge at the Apex Games on World’s Edge.

Welcome to World’s Edge, Fade!

The latest Legend comes into the game with the release of the Mobile version of the already well-established Battle Royale put out for the first time by EA and Respawn Entertainment in February of 2019. The game first saw the light of day on PCs and the major consoles such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Promotional poster screen for Apex Legends Mobile by EA and Respawn
Apex Legends Mobile Poster by EA (Source:

Apex Legends has ever since seen many new Legends being added to the game to keep variety in the game intact and to keep the gameplay interesting for their players. Though some legends were outright broken initially, they were very soon fixed by Respawn and made into viable balanced choices.

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Fade, being the most recent Legend in the game has caught every Apex player’s eyes and everyone wants to try him out in-game at least once. Unfortunately, however, he is currently exclusive to the recently released mobile version and that is the only way you can actually try him out or simply wait until he is released into the PC and Console versions.

Apex Legends Mobile: Fade’s Abilities

Before we get to the Punishing Phaser and how to unlock him in the game, here is a brief description of all his abilities and what he might be able to perform with them in-game.


Slipstream is Fade’s Passive ability which gives him a slight movement speed boost at the end of a slide. This ability would be especially useful for people who like to depend on their movement for victories in one on one close combat situations. Slide Cancelling with this Legend is going to make him a speed demon.


Flashback is Fade’s Tactical ability which allows him to rewind himself into the position he was in 20 seconds ago over the course of 2 seconds. In those 2 seconds, you can choose to cancel the ability at any given time during the rewind. You will also regain any shields lost during the last 20 seconds which makes his tactical ability a huge advantage over enemies. If used correctly, you can even warp behind your enemies to flank them using this ability.

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Phase Chamber

Phase Chamber is Fade’s Ultimate ability in which he releases a phase cage from his suit which deals 10 points damage in a radius of 30 meters and after a duration of 2 seconds of someone being in the radius, they get phased for a time period of 4 seconds by getting sent into the void. This affects both the enemies and teammates alike but at the same time, for the entire time that someone is in the void, they can neither deal nor receive damage.

How to unlock Fade in Apex Legends Mobile

The Peruvian Phasing Punisher can be unlocked in the Mobile version of EA and Respawn’s Battle Royale using two different methods – 

  1. The Free Method
  2. The Paid Method

While we will shortly go into detail about these two methods, let us make it known to you that we would advise you to take the free method as it does not take much time and is very easy to do.

Unlock Screen for Fade in Apex Legends Mobile
The Unlock screen for Fade (Source: Apex Legends Mobile)

The Free Method

The free method to unlock Fade in the game is to simply play the game. That’s right, you can unlock Fade just by playing matches in Apex Legends Mobile, and that way, while you earn points in the free battle pass, you will be rewarded with shards for Fade. Once you get a total of 10 shards which will happen at Level 25 of the free battle pass, you can use them to unlock Fade and use him in-game.

The Paid Method

The paid method for unlocking Fade in the game is to use Apex Shards to buy him for your arsenal of Legends in the game. This method involves you buying Apex Shards using real-life money and we would strongly advise against it just for unlocking a Legend which can be done without spending any money at all.

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And that is how you can unlock Fade for yourself in Apex Legends Mobile. What are you waiting for? Go and enjoy the gameplay of the Phasing Punisher while outplaying your enemies at the same time!

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