Are Catfish Couples Still Together? Are Any Catfish The TV Show Couples Still Together?

Are Catfish Couples Still Together?

Catfish: The TV Show is a well-known and popular American reality-based documentary television series. The series currently running its 8th season. The 8th season was first aired on January 8, 2020, and is still running. The show has a huge fan following. Since Catfish: The TV Show is a show about dating, the fans were wondering Are Catfish Couples Still Together?

Are Any ‘Catfish The TV Show’ Couples Still Together?

Questions like Are Catfish Couples Still Together? Are Any ‘Catfish The TV Show’ Couples Still Together? became trending on the internet. People were so curious about knowing Are Any ‘Catfish The TV Show’ Couples Still Together? Let’s see some famous couples from Catfish and whether they are still together in this article. 

Which Catfish Couples Are Still Together?

1) Derek And Lauren

Despite being seen as a “real couple” on Catfish because Derek wasn’t lying about who he was, Lauren and Derek decided to split up. They gave fans an amicable separation announcement in 2014. Lauren maintains a low profile on social media, while Derek has married someone else.

2) Kya And Alyx

Both Kya and Alyx catfished each other when they first connected on a vampire forum. After Kya admitted it, she began to believe that Alyx was also lying about his identity. Alyx was eventually found to be a transgender man named Dani when Catfish intervened. Nevertheless, they made the decision to continue being a pair. Sadly, the pair broke up following the show’s recording. Today, Dani has completed his transition after undergoing gender reassignment surgery, and Kya is blissfully engaged to someone else. They no longer communicate or stay in touch.

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3) Justin And Artis

Artis and Justin got into a heated argument in one of the most famous Catfish episodes ever when Artis learned that the attractive female model he’d been talking to was really a guy named Justin. Interestingly, despite their disagreement, the two are still friends and even collaborate on YouTube videos, according to Justin’s Twitter.

4) Mike And Felicia

These two quickly bonded after meeting online. Felicia failed to show up for their meeting, so Mike called the show to give Nev and Max a chance to settle their differences. Felicia was exposed for lying about several aspects of her past, but Mike only truly cared about her name and physical appearance, which were authentic. Although the two made the decision to be together, Felicia wrote on Twitter a few months after the show’s filming. Mike currently resides in New Jersey, and Felicia is unmarried.

5) Matt And Kim

Kim and Matt have been communicating online for more than ten years, but they have never really met. When Catfish arrived, the two met, and it became clear that Matt had been truthful about his identity and had only been reluctant to meet in person due to his weight. The two remained close after the show. Sadly, a romance never developed from it. Kim and Matt are still close friends now, albeit they both have other relationships. Additionally, Matt has shed over 300 pounds since the episode aired. 

6) Rico & Ja’mari

Rico was shocked to hear that Ja’mari had lied about being a model and was actually a bus driver when he first met him. Ja’mari’s real name is James. In fact, James had a criminal record for stealing a bus because of how much he loved them. The two agreed to stay in touch after the program, but based on both of their social media accounts, they don’t seem to be dating anymore. Rico is currently working on becoming a model, and James hasn’t tweeted since 2015.

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7) Leuh And Justin

After meeting Justin on Instagram, Leuh at first felt a connection with him but got wary after two failed attempts to meet up. They decided to make their relationship work after meeting on Catfish. Prior to Leuh posting an update on Twitter, everything appeared promising. However, their friendship hasn’t changed.

8) Whitney And Bre

As the first contestants to catfish the entire show, this duo pulled off a first. Whitney first admitted to Nev and Max that she was unsure of Bre’s sincerity as an internet girlfriend. However, Nev and Max discovered throughout their inquiry that the couple was merely acting for the show in order to obtain complimentary plane tickets to visit one other. These days, Bre’s Twitter is under lock and key, and Whitney has a very limited social media presence. Bre, though, hinted that perhaps their relationship didn’t work out in a 10-second video she published in 2016. Whitney doesn’t appear to have any social media accounts that we could find.


9) Ashley And Mike

As a result of their embarrassment about their weight, these two became the first “double catfish” to be featured on the program. They both lied to one another about their names and photographs. When the two first met, they clicked and agreed to stick together. Unfortunately, Mike went suddenly from a pulmonary embolism just one month after the program aired. Ashley remarked that she and Mike were “very much in love” at the time. Ashley also went away three years later. When it happened, a police official claimed it “may be related to a narcotic overdose.”

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Catfish: The TV Show (TV Series)

Catfish: The TV Show, shortly known as Catfish, is an American reality-based documentary television series. It was airing on MTV. It talks about online dating’s truths and lies. It was developed based on the 2010 movie Catfish. It premiered on November 12, 2012. Nev Schulman and Kamie Crawford are currently co-hosting the show. Max Joseph served as a first seven seasons’ co-host and his last episode aired on August 22, 2018. Crawford joined the main cast in the show’s 8th season, who was the guest co-host in season 7’s numerous episodes.

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