Best & Catchy Earth Day Slogans in English & Hindi

Best Earth Day Slogans - Catchy Slogans

Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd. Celebrate this special day by creating more awareness about Planet Earth and its conservation with Earth Day slogans. Use these slogans on Save Earth to make more and more people aware of the alarming situation our planet is facing. Share these Earth Day slogans with your family and friends to motivate them to save the planet.

Here is a collection of Earth Day messages, Earth Day slogans and taglines. Share these Mother Earth Day slogans in English and Hindi with family and friends on WhatsApp, Facebook.

Best Earth Day Slogans in English

“Save Earth to save your today and tomorrow!!”

“If you wish to save life then you have to save Earth.”

“Earth Day is a reminder to take steps towards saving our planet.”

“If there is no earth then there is no life…. Act before it is late.”

“With declining health of Earth, the possibility of life is also declining.”

Slogan on Save Earth in English

“Without saving a mother, you cannot save her children…. Save Earth to save life on Earth.”

“Saving Earth demands constant efforts and constant dedication.”

“Nothing good happens overnight and you cannot save Earth overnight.”

“Smallest of the step taken towards saving Earth can bring big results.”

“Act before it gets too late…. Act before it is not our hands to save Earth.”

Catchy Earth Day Slogans in Hindi

“Dharti humari Maa hai aur Maa ki rashka karna humara hi kartavya hai.

Dharti ko bachane ke liye aaj uthane wala kadam humare kal ke liye bahut mehatvapurna hai.”

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“Dharti hai toh Jeevan hai.”

Earth Day Slogans with Posters & Images 2024

“Earth is life and to save life, save Earth.”

“Saving Earth today will give us the hope for the future.”

“Cleaner, greener Earth means happier, healthier people of the planet.”

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