Bob Saget’s shocking autopsy report is bringing new conspiracy theories to life

When Bob Saget was found dead in his hotel last month, investigators ruled out foul play.

There were no signs of a struggle inside his suite at the Ritz-Carlton in Orlando. He was found in bed by security after missing checkout. The night before, after performing a stand-up set, he was in great spirits and in contact with family. A sudden heart attack was the leading theory.

That has changed dramatically in recent days. The autopsy report, as conducted by Florida medical examiner Joshua Stephany, ruled the beloved comedian died of “blunt head trauma.” Findings included a horrifying list of injuries more commonly heard on “Dateline.”

Mr. Saget’s skull injuries were extensive and not limited to fractures to the base, right occipital and temporal bones. There was bleeding on both sides of his brain. Dr. Stephany concluded: “It is most probable that the decedent suffered an unwitnessed fall backwards and struck the posterior aspect of his head. The manner of death is accident.”

Those last six words are raising more questions than they answer.

If Saget fell backwards and banged his head, why were there fractures above his eye sockets? There were cracks from the front to the back of his skull. As CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon, noted: “That takes a lot of force to do that. If I knew nothing else about what had happened, you’d think this was someone who had fallen down the stairs and had several impacts to the head, or been unrestrained in a car accident.”

Another expert, interviewed by the New York Times, was also baffled as to how Saget’s injuries might result from a slip. As Gavin Britz, chair of neurosurgery at Houston Methodist, told the paper: “This is significant trauma. This is something I find with someone with a baseball bat to the head, or who has fallen from 20 to 30 feet.”

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Dr. Cyril Wecht, a forensic pathologist, told Radar the Saget family should seek a second autopsy and new investigation to track the comic’s movements in his final hours. As Wecht said: “All of these injuries, fractures and areas of hemorrhage could not have been sustained by one fall. I am just very surprised that the medical examiner attributed it to one fall. There is no way this could have occurred with one fall.”

And just like that, the tragic death of Bob Saget is now our latest conspiracy theory.

Before the autopsy report, online sleuths and skeptics were focused on COVID-19. About a month before his death, Saget had revealed he caught the virus. The autopsy’s respiratory analysis found Saget was COVID-19 positive, albeit with “no evidence of acute or chronic inflammation by microscopy.” In other words, he beat the virus back and was on the mend.

Still, some wondered if the virus, while in retreat, had triggered a cardiac event. Others, including former wrestler Hulk Hogan, suggested it was the vaccine that killed Saget, and maybe also Betty White and Sidney Poitier. To which I would only encourage the Hulkster to get his own noggin checked for possible trauma to the part of the brain that controls thinking.

But even if you are anti-conspiracy, it’s hard to reconcile Saget’s slip-and-fall cause of death with the ghastly injuries in the autopsy report. To suffer that much trauma and then climb into bed and try to sleep it off? I recall hockey players telling me about the excruciating pain of a cracked orbital bone. This guy had fractures throughout his head.

On Tuesday, his family, including widow Kelly Rizzo and three daughters, filed a lawsuit against the Orange County sheriff and medical examiner’s office to block certain investigative records from public release. In particular, they do not want graphic photographs, videos and audio recordings from first responders and investigators to enter the ether.

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As Brian Bieber, a Saget family attorney, told CNN: “The facts of the investigation should be made public, but these materials should remain private out of respect for the dignity of Mr. Saget and his family. It’s very simple. From a human and legal standpoint, the Saget family’s privacy rights outweigh any public interest in disclosure of this sensitive information.”

Agreed. The Saget family should not be subjected to any more pain and emotional distress. Nobody needs to see images of Saget after he was found dead. That is a posthumous and indefensible violation of his dignity. It serves no common good.

I think we can all agree on that. You can’t release crime scene photos when there allegedly was no crime. But after the autopsy report, I doubt we can all agree Bob Saget died after an unwitnessed accidental fall. I’m not insinuating anything nefarious. I’m not insinuating anything beyond the fact that something does not add up and requires further investigation.

And then, maybe, it will add up.

Otherwise, the death of Bob Saget shall become an enduring conspiracy, not dissimilar to the moon landing or JFK assassination. And even Saget, a gentle soul with a very dark sense of humour, would find that a bit much. I can almost hear him joking: “I am not Loch Ness!”

Nobody needs to see photos and videos from the tragic day. That is private. And on Wednesday, a Florida judge agreed, siding with the family and issuing a temporary injunction on any release of records.

But there is sufficient reason to reopen the investigation. That is public.

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Bob Saget was a great man. Bob Saget should not become a conspiracy theory.


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