Can You Switch Between Inkling and Octoling in Splatoon 3?

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Back in Splatoon 2, Octolings, the Octarian counterpart to Inklings, were added as playable avatar characters with the release of the Octo Expansion. Octolings have become a fixture of the Splatoon world since then, which means you can play as them or as Inklings in Splatoon 3. But can you switch between Inkling and Octoling in Splatoon 3?

Can You Switch Between Inkling and Octoling in Splatoon 3?

The answer is yes! You can freely switch between an Inkling avatar and an Octoling avatar whenever you please. Both avatar types are functionally identical, though they do have some unique customization options that the other type doesn’t have.

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If you were confused about whether you could swap avatar types, that’s because Splatoon 3 obfuscates the feature a smidge. While you can change your character’s hairstyle, eyebrows, and legwear in the Other section of your regular equip menu, you can’t rebuild your character there.

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Instead, open the game’s regular menu while in Splatsville by pressing the X button. Switch to the Options tab, scroll down to Other, and click the Player Settings button at the bottom of the list. This option will allow you to completely rebuild your character using the same creation menu you got when you first booted the game up. You can change all the same stuff as you could in the equip menu, but with the addition of your species, eye color, skin tone, and Smallfry’s haircut. Don’t worry, doing this won’t affect your progress or levels at all, it’s just cosmetics.

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You can change up your avatar any time you want while you’re in Splatsville, though obviously, you can’t do it in the middle of a match. If you need to make any changes, you’ll need to leave the Lobby first. Otherwise, feel free to change up your avatar as your mood dictates!

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