Top 10 Clothing Brands in Bangladesh

We are here with a great list of Clothing Brands in Bangladesh. It help you to know more about Fashion House List. Bangladesh has a huge possibility in every single sector. Especially the possibility of the garment sector is huge. Every year, Bangladesh earns a bulk amount of money based on the garment sector. To fulfill the demand of garment sector, Lots of fashions house has been grown in this country.

The fashion houses are trendy and fulfilling the choice of the different class people.

Bangladesh clothing factory brands are becoming popular in the same way. Among them, some are quite outstanding and keeping their contribution all over the world. The list of clothing brands made in Bangladesh

Clothing Brands in Bangladesh

Most of the fashion houses are established in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Here is the List of Top 10 Fashion House in Bangladesh which are Popular Clothing Brands in BD.

1. Aarong

It is quite a popular brand because of its lifestyle. It is run under BRAC. The art and craft are unique, different and incomparable. Since 1978, the brand is continued swimmingly. Aarong produce different types of wearing a dress such as Saree, Scarf, Fotua, Footwear, Nokshi Katha, Panjabi, Salwar Kameez and other traditional dress. This brand is unprecedented than another brand.

2. Cats Eye

It is one of the most outstanding fashion houses in this country. In this country, this brand is well known. Cats Eye produce both men and women’s dresses. This brand is dominant since 1980. It is famous for fashions accessories

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3. Richman

The Richman is enriched with its design and fashionable cloth. Especially, this brand is quite familiar with items. Richman is the brand of another company. Lubnan Trade Consortium Ltd is the source behind Richman birth. Richman produces different types of trendy products. The price is not high than the other outstanding brands

4. Yellow

It is one splendid brand of Bangladesh. It is not an old brand like another brand. Yet It has occupied the rank among all other famous brands of Bangladesh. Normally works with the trendy dress of the youngster. Since 2004, it is contributing to the realm of fashions successfully. The brand is part of the Beximco. It also produces kids and women’s accessories.

5. Ecstasy

Ecstasy is an innovative fashion house in Bangladesh. It is also up to date because of the ultra-modern and trendy dress.

It is one of the most popular fashion houses in Bangladesh. It is run since 1997. The fashion house keeps contributions jeans, T-shirt, women tops, kids wear and others.

6. Le Reve

Le Reve is famous for a unique item. Although the band is unique, it works like other fashion houses. But it emphasizes the ethnic dress. This fashion house works with women, men and kids items. Le Reve is a small part of the Reve Tex Ltd. its branch is available in Sylhet, Narayangonj, and Dhaka.

7. Kay Kraft

Among all another leading brand, Kay Kraft is a popular one. The brand has a different aspect of garments. In 1993, the kay kraft has been established. It produces different types of traditional dress. The focus of this brand is also to the Scarf, Tops, Fotua, Short Panjabi, long Panjabi. This brand also works as accessories suppliers.

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8. Dorjibari

It is another distinguished fashion house in this country. Among all others leading exporter and manufactures, it is one. The brand has gained popularity within a short period of time. Its activities have been run in 2007. This brand also produces different types of handicraft. The popularity of the dorjibairi is skyscrapers in Bangladesh.

9. Anjan’s

In the clothing arena, it is another remarkable fashion house. This fashion house is established in 1994. This produces different types of artistic cloths. Especially, It produces various types of women dress. Saree, Kurti, Kid’s Wear, Salwar Kameez, Fotua, Panjabi, Shirt, Hometex, Handicraft are the dress of Anjan’s.

10. Westecs

The brand starts with a very low budget.  First of all, it started in the tiny place of Dhaka city. Now it has been spread all over the country. Even, it is going to be a recognized brand. This band works as the inspiration of the emerged entrepreneur. It is also famous for tradition dress Pyjama and Panjabi.

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The garment sector in Bangladesh is growing. Cheap labour is another reason to build up plenty of garment factories in Bangladesh. Every single year, Bangladesh earn huge amount of money importing their garments products.

A lot of fashions house is fulfilling the demand for garments. The above-mentioned fashion house is quite popular and their activities are praiseworthy. They are spreading their branches and twigs day after day.  Among these, Aarong,  Cats eye, American eagle is the most famous brand in Bangladesh.

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