Cult of the Lamb Controls Guide (PC, PlayStation, Xbox & Nintendo Switch)


Learn the basics of Cult of the Lamb’s control scheme!

Cult of the Lamb is a whimsical blend of roguelike hack-and-slash action management simulation as you establish and grow a cult to them more powerful in battle. This Cult of the Lamb controls guide will ensure that you’re all up-to-speed on the basics, so you can conquer the false prophets of the land and build a loyal following in the ominous stranger’s name.

All Cult of the Lamb PC Controls

  • Move Forward – Up Directional Key
  • Move Left – Left Directional Key
  • Move Right – Right Directional Key
  • Move Back – Back Directional Key
  • Attack – C
  • Dodge Roll – Shift
  • Release Curse – Z
  • Interact – X
  • Meditate – Z
  • Return to Cult – Q
  • Track Quest – T
  • Pause – Esc
  • View Menu – Tab
  • Accept – X
  • Cancel – Q
  • Cook – C

All Gamepad Controls for PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch

As the game is available on PlayStation, Xbox and Switch, we’ve noted them in this order below.

  • Move – Left Analog Stick
  • Attack – Square/ X/ Y
  • Dodge Roll – Circle/ B/ A
  • Release Curse – Triangle / Y/ X
  • Interact – X/ A/ B
  • Meditate – Triangle/ Y/ X
  • Return to Cult – L2/ LT/ ZL
  • Track Quest – L3
  • Pause – Options/ Menu/ +
  • View Menu – Touchpad/ View/ –

Changing Gamepad Control Scheme

By going to the ‘Settings’ menu and then ‘Controls,’ you can change between three different controller layouts if you’re on console or using a gamepad on your PC.

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cult of the lamb control layout option

These allow you a little bit of variety so you can find the control scheme that works best for you.

That’s everything you need to know on all Cult of the Lamb controls on PC and consoles. For more on the game, be sure to check out the links below.

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