Dead Cells’ ‘Enter The Panchaku’ Free Update Gets Slight Delay On Switch

Update [Tue 16th Aug, 2024 11:30 BST]: Switch (and other console) owners will have to wait a bit longer for Dead Cells’ 30th free update as Motion Twin has announced earlier today that it’s hit a big of a “snag” in certifying the update for consoles.

Don’t worry, the wait won’t be too much longer — just another week — but the team thanked fans for being patient over on Twitter.

“Dead Cells console players, we’ve hit a snag with certification of the ‘Enter the Panchaku’ update, so we won’t be able to release it for at least another week. Sorry for the delay, we’re working on getting it out ASAP! Thanks for your patience”

Original article [Thu 4th Aug, 2024 16:00 BST]: Developer Motion Twin has demonstrated extraordinary commitment to its excellent rogue-like dungeon crawler Dead Cells, with its upcoming ‘Enter the Panchaku‘ update being its 30th free update. 30th! Strewth…

The update is out now for PC owners and “coming soon” to console, promising an absurd amount of new content, balancing updates, and bug fixes. Primarily, it introduces a new weapon known as ‘Panchaku’, which is basically two pans tied together with a piece of string. It can reflect the likes of bombs and arrows and boasts a stunning attack animation. Also, let’s just be clear on this: it’s two pans tied together with string. C’mon! The new update will also let you pet your pets during transition areas, which is just delightful, right?

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We don’t quite have a firm release date for the new update yet, but it doesn’t sound like it’s too far off. The full patch notes are far too extensive to list here, so be sure to head over to the official Dead Cells website to get the full lowdown. We also have a gameplay trailer, which you can view above, along with a more in-depth rundown of the new update below. Enjoy!

Will you be checking out the ‘Enter the Panchaku’ update when it launches on Switch? Let us know!

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