Dictionary.com Premium 11.1.1 APK (Paid) Download for Android

Looking up the dictionary is not difficult. However, to always carry the dictionary with you and use it properly, you must have a “trick”. Why haven’t you tried Dictionary.com Premium yet?

English language learning tools built for every level of learner!

Compact and flexible dictionary

Learning any language will require a Dictionary. This is the most effective, and classic way to learn new words, understand grammar patterns, and apply them in context. In the past, anyone who learned English would “carry” a big dictionary.

But those days are long gone. At present, wherever you go to study, you need quick and light thing, so the original dictionary has now been less used. Now we’ve got Smartphone Dictionary. Through applications downloaded to your smartphone, you will have a good dictionary right away within a minute. Introduce to you a smart dictionary application that I am using named Dictionary.com Premium.

Honestly, before finding out Dictionary.com Premium, I tried many similar dictionary apps. But nothing was satisfactory. Some of the features were so simple that they did not even show examples of word usage. Some were stuck with lots of ads, which made me feel uncomfortable. So, after a trial period, I end up with Dictionary.com Premium.

Convenient and practical feature

In Dictionary.com Premium there are many things for you to learn and ponder, not simply look up words and then consider their meanings or vice versa like Google Translate. Using Dictionary.com Premium, you’ll get much more information you need. It is this that determines the engraving of words into memory.

For example, when you look up the word “shelter”, in addition to the brief meaning, Dictionary.com Premium will automatically display a variety of other application information of the word, including type of word, usage in sentences, giving examples of context. Even if needed, you can show all the words that are close in meaning but completely different in usage (like detached house, bungalow, villa, green house, service station).

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All accompanying information is in English. And of course, to understand it, the curiosity rises, and you continue to look up another unknown word in that information series. So, you have the opportunity to learn another vocabulary.

Rich and reliable content

All content and details in Dictionary.com Premium are compiled from two reputable sites, Dictionary.com and Thesaurus.com. These are the two most powerful online dictionary sites today. So, this dictionary application will clearly benefit from this rich treasure. You can find any of these new English words including phrases or idioms that you often hear in English movies, books, and stories.

Offline attribute

A common limitation of other smartphone dictionary applications I have experienced is that I must be online to use it. In Dictionary.com Premium it is not necessary. You just need to download the application and all the accompanying content, then use it offline comfortably. Only some specific features are required online (but these are rarely used, so don’t worry).

More than a regular dictionary

And here are some important reasons why I stay with Dictionary.com Premium. It is not just a simple mobile dictionary application anymore but can bring a lot of other benefits to users. For example, the following features:

Word of the Day, the automated feature is highly effective for newbies. When using this feature, the app will actively bring a novel word every day. After touching the right word, this app will list tons of related information: meaning, usage, pronunciation, antonyms, synonyms, how to distinguish from similar words. Below is a series of English articles that use this new word. Thereby, you can learn vocabularies, how to use, how to practice sentences, while improving reading comprehension, and correct pronunciation.

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Dictionary.com Premium also supports translating a long text into another language.

There is even a function cluster for learning and looking up the meanings of specialized words. Just select the major you are interested in and type in an unfamiliar word. The store of knowledge will appear before your eyes.

Dictionary.com Premium also has a few small features that bring a sense of convenience for users. For instance, users can turn on and off dark mode to adjust the screen contrast, which is good for regulating the device when using the app for a long time.

In Dictionary.com Premium there is also a series of interesting word puzzles in the Word Puzzle section. There are crossword puzzles, anagrams, word matching, spelling puzzles… It’s both fun and good to improve vocabulary, and it’s also useful to use relaxation to kill time.

When you need to find a word but are too busy to type, you can search by voice. There is one detail in particular that I really like. If you encounter a word and are not sure how it will be spelled, just read it aloud, the app will automatically filter and display the correct word and correct the pronunciation for you.

Those who are learning English and want to have a richer vocabulary or better pronunciation should use Dictionary.com Premium. This is a dictionary application that has too many cool things to explore.

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