Do You Need PS Plus to Play Destiny 2? Everything You Can Play without a Subscription


Destiny 2 – PlayStation Plus = Limited content!

While Destiny 2 is technically a free-to-play title, if you’re playing through the game on Xbox or PlayStation consoles, you may be wondering whether you need an Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus subscription. As the game is online-only, and these are online subscriptions, then you’re right for thinking you might need them, but ultimately, it depends on the content you’re planning on playing in the game. Here’s everything you need to know about Destiny 2’s PlayStation Plus requirements.

Do You Need PlayStation Plus to Play Destiny 2?

The answer here is a bit of a mixed bag. You can play Destiny 2’s main story missions of the base game and any of the expansions without requiring a PlayStation Plus subscription.

However, if you want to play through with friends, take on Raids, Strikes, or other multiplayer modes, you’ll then need to sign up to PS+.

So, in other words, despite Destiny 2 now more or less being a free-to-play title, you’ll still need an online subscription to truly get the most out of it. Given multiplayer is the very best way to enjoy Bungie’s looter shooter, we’d highly recommend you pick up a PS+ subscription if you’re intending to play the game long-term.

Everything You Can Play Without a PS Plus Subscription

Without a subscription to PlayStation’s online services, you’ll still be able to enjoy the following content:

  • Destiny 2’s main story missions in the base game.
  • Destiny 2’s expansions’ story missions.
  • All Planet Activities like Lost Sectors, Adventures, Public Events and Patrols on all planets.
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In other words, you’re left with a very enjoyable, but very small slice of what Destiny 2 has to offer. As such, if you’re wanting to grind out exotic weapons and get those god rolls, you’re gonna want to sign up to Sony’s PlayStation Plus subscription.

Alternatively, if you have a powerful-enough PC, you can download Destiny 2 for free off the Epic Games Store and you won’t have to pay a penny for any of the extras.

What You Can’t Play Without a PlayStation Plus Subscription

The list is fairly hefty here, so be prepared:

  • Crucible PvP
  • Forges
  • Gambit PvP/ PvE
  • Mengarie
  • Nightmare Hunts
  • Raids
  • Reckoning
  • Strikes
  • Vex Offensive

In other words, anything that requires you to use matchmaking is out of bounds here, even if you’d just be playing with your friends in a Fireteam. Because Fireteams are a multiplayer function, you won’t be able to make use of them, blocking off a huge amount of Destiny 2’s replayable, grindable activities and some of its most enjoyable and toughest challenges.

That’s everything you need to know on whether or not Destiny 2 requires a PlayStation Plus subscription. For more on the game, we’ve got you covered with how to get Fortnite Armor in Destiny 2, how to play the Ketchcrash activity, who the Crow is in Destiny 2, and how to get Delicate Tomb Exotic fusion rifle.

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