Doraemon Story Of Seasons: Friends Of The Great Kingdom Sprouts This November On Switch

Well here’s a lovely bit of news for your Thursday morning (or whenever you’re reading this) — the adorable and charming Doraemon will be returning to Switch this November in his farming sim sequel, Doraemon Story of Seasons: Friends of the Great Kingdom.

Earlier this week, Bandai Namco released a new trailer announcing that the game would be launching on 2nd November. The game takes place on a brand new planet and sees Doraemon and friends attempting to make a new, cosy life. You’ll harvest crops, rear animals, and get to use plenty of Doraemon’s trusty gadgets. Like a Time Kerchief. Sounds like we could do with one of these.

The game’s lovely watercolour-esque visuals (and adorably chubby cows) are irresistible by themselves, really. But you can visit farms above the clouds too. Doraemon sure has a lot of tricks up his sleeve…

This fun crossover with the Bokujō Monogatari series (Story of Seasons, what used to be Harvest Moon in the West) will help keep us cosy in the final months of the year after we’ve had a few too many hot chocolate drinks…

Will you be picking up Friends of the Great Kingdom on 2nd November? Let us know!

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