Dr Senjuti Saha Biography & Education- The Wonder Women

Dr Senjuti Saha Biography-  Dr Senjuti Saha who is a microbiologist working at the intersection of Clinical Microbiology. Beside she is  a member of Global Health as a Scientist at the Child Health Research Foundation in Bangladesh. Recently she has been appointed to the Polio Transition Independent Monitoring Board (TIMB) of the World Health Organization as a member. As a Bangladeshi it is a big achievement for us. Because this is the first time of our history a  Bangladeshi has appointed to this position to serve in the Polio Transition Independent Monitoring Board. After the great achievement of Dr Senjuti Saha people all over the world are searching her Biography. In addition they want to know about here. For your help we are here to share the full biography of her.

Dr Senjuti Saha Biography

Our curious mind always want to know. As a result we want to know about Dr Senjuti Saha. Moreover, we have added the full biography of Dr Senjuty Saha.

Dr Senjuti Saha Biography

  • Name : Senjuti Saha
  • Fathers Name : Samir Kumar Saha
  • Mothers Name : Seturunnahar
  • Brothers Name : Sudipto Saha
  • Birthplace : Chandpur, Dhaka
  • Occupation :  Microbiologist ,  Scientist
  • Work Place : Child Health Research Foundation
  • Martial Status : Married
  • Awards : Bil And Melinda Gates Award 2018

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Dr Senjuti Saha Family

You can call Senjuti Sahas whole family as Microbiologist. Moreover, her father name is Samir Kumar Saha who has graduated from Dhaka University and studied in Microbiology. At present  he is the Executive Director of Child Health Research Foundation. On the other hand her mother Setarunnesha who is also graduated from Microbiology and worked in Bangladesh Institute of Public Health. But recently she has retired from this job. Senjuti Brother Sudipto Saha is also studying in Toronto University in Microbiology. In a words her full family is a Microbiologist Family.

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Dr Senjuti Saha Biography

Dr Senjuti Saha Pictures

Sejuti Saha With Samir Kumar Saha


Dr Sejuti Saha With Husband Dr-Sejuti-Saha-and-Husband

Sejuti Saha Husband Close Moments Dr-Sejuti-Saha-Husband

Sejuti Saha Wearing Saari Dr-Sejuti-Saha-Bridal

Dr Senjuti Saha Education

School/College Education  : (1994-2005)

Dr Senjuti Saha has graduated from Bangladesh International Tutorial School and College  (1994-2005). She got Advanced (A) Level. Ordrinary (O) Level, Edexcel. Beside she read in Field Of Study Biology/Biological Sciences, General.

BSC Degree : (2005-2009)

After that She has got an admission in University of Toronto in Bachelor of Science as a Field of Study Biochemistry Specialist. She attended in 2005 and graduated in 2009 successfully. Activities and Societies: BUSS, Biochemistry Undergraduate Student Union; New College Mentor-ship Program; New college Dinning representatives.

PHD Degree : (2010 – 2016)

Dr Senjuti Saha has completed her PHD in the Department of Molecular Genetics under the supervision of Dr. Alan Davidson and Dr. Karen Maxwell. She studied naturally produced antibacterials by microorganisms and in turn, their use to develop novel therapeutics against infectious agents like Pseudomonas oleaginous.

Senjuti Saha Reveled Genome Sequence Of Covid-19

Few days ago she with her team including her father has discovered the Genome Sequence of Corona Virus. After the reticulation she became famous and come to light in media.

Dr Senjuti Saha Appointed Global Polio Eradication Initiative Adviser of WHO

On July 10, 2024 Dr Senjuti Saha posted a status on her Facebook Account that


Advising the WHO at Director-General level on progress on the polio transition process will not be an easy job, but this is the first time a Bangladeshi has been appointed to this position and I will do my best to bring our and other LMIC’s perspectives to the table.”

Bil Gates Praised on Senjuti Saha and Samir Saha

On January 16, 2024 The world number one richest person has praised for Dr Senjuti Saha and Her father Samir Saha. So, Bil Gates mentioned that vaccines for meningitis and pneumonia.

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These global health heroes have helped Bangladesh become a model for other countries for how to respond to infectious disease outbreaks.

Mark Zukerberg Congratulated Dr Senjuti Saha

Finally The CEO of Facebook Mark Zukerberg has also congratulate Dr Senjuti Saha for her success. However, Mark Zukerberg Congratulated her with a Facebook Comment.

Senjuti Saha The Wonder Women

At present people from every stage are calling as Wonder Women for her success. So, we must respect here from our heart. Because she is a real hero in our country.

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Last words

At last we want to congratulate her from our heart and salute you for the way you have worked for us. So, we wish a long life and may you succeed in life.

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