Dwayne Johnson wrestles Jerry Lawler in first look photos from Young Rock Finale

Young Rock season 2 has received a lot of plaudits from the fans as well as the critics. While the third installment has already been confirmed, fans are excited to see the Season 2 finale that airs Tuesday at 8/7C on NBC. The finale will see Jerry Lawler going against The Rock.

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As seen on TVLine’s exclusive photos, the two-part finale sees Johnson in Memphis in 1996 where he follows in the footsteps of his legendary Anoa’i family members, entering the squared circle.

We have already seen Dwayne (played by Uli Latukefu) in the previous episodes, honing his skills in Memphis. He was focusing on his tag-team strengths after WWE sent him to Tennessee city. Fans will get to see Dwayne wrestle under the name Rocky Maivia.

The Brahma Bull will lock horns against veteran Jerry Lawler in the finale. He will also be seen fighting back when a booker bullies Downtown Bruno.

Jerry Lawler vs The Rock
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Dwayne will also come face-to-face with “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair. That is not all, as we are fast-forwarded to 2032 where Dwayne Johnson is set to contest the Presidential elections. The Rock survives the tumultuous election day.

There is also a flashback to 1987, where Dwayne gets to know that his family is leaving Nashville.

Jerry Lawler returns to Raw for a King’s Court segment

Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler’s appearances in WWE have been few and far between as of late. This week he came to WWE’s red brand and had Veer Mahaan as his special guest.

Jerry Lawler
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Lawler asked Mahaan a few questions but the latter did not reply. The Hall of Famer began to joke around with Mahaan and this ticked off the heel.

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Mahaan grabbed Lawler’s microphone and asked him, “Is that fear I smell on you, Jerry?”

Lawler replied hilariously saying it’s just his cheap cologne. Mahaan was about to attack when the Mysterios came out and thwarted the former professional baseball player.

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