Esports vs traditional sports betting – what are the differences?

First, what exactly is esports betting? When people talk about esports, they refer to video game competitions. Teams and individuals compete to take the win. Esports betting and traditional betting are pretty much the same as players compete against themselves and not against a virtual machine or computer. In the case of esports, the sport is virtual.

The difference between esports betting and traditional sports betting

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A trip to the betting shop to place bets is no longer necessary. Regardless of whether it’s sports or esports, stable access to the internet and a suitable device is all you need.

Where sports betting and match predictions are still associated with football, tennis, basketball or ice hockey, betting in esports is tied to the skill of the team or the individual competitor. As in all other sports, the winner must also be predicted here. However, the players and teams here come from the computer gaming world.

Countless computer games are played online every day around the world, from which highly established competitions and championships have developed. Over the years, teams from the computer scene have developed that competition against each other to a professional level. The stars of the gaming world boast a significant number of fans who worship them like any other top athlete.

Esports broadcasts are often streamed live and count their viewers in the thousands. Real esports professionals have made the gaming industry their main job and play against each other for prize money. Esports have been around for some time now and continue to experience growth. It is hardly surprising that the bookmakers want to keep up with their considerable esports betting offer and give free bets on sports to their customers.

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With knowledge and experience in classic betting, bettors will have little difficulty in making predictions in esports. If you take a closer look at FIFA, you can immediately see the player’s potential because it’s the same football with a smaller time frame per game. However, even if the bettor has been involved with football for a long time, they will not immediately understand what First Blood Bonus sports betting means. Other differences between betting on real and virtual sports include:

The seriousness of the regulations

Sports clubs and associations invest a lot of money in certain tournaments on which sports bets are placed. Therefore, the teams adhere to strict rules and there are fines for deviations. In eSports, this is not yet so strictly regulated.

Amount of information

If you want to make money with esports, the same applies to traditional bets. You should only bet on sports or leagues that you understand. You can read a lot of news every day about football, basketball and other sports, including on athletes’ social media accounts.

In esports, information is scarce and sometimes, online esports betting requires relying on dry statistics, which doesn’t always lead to results. In esports, the games are also much faster.

Types of esports bets

The selection of bet types is rich and comprehensive. The conventional money line bet or betting on the game-winner is perhaps the most popular, even in esports. Compared to classic sports such as basketball or tennis, users predict the winner of a game, but only 2-way bets can be placed. Whoever guesses correctly wins the bet. Since most events cannot end in a tie, it’s a matter of weighing which team has the best chance of winning. A clear difference between traditional sports and esports is that there are no classic referees and success in the game depends solely on the individual player or team.

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Live betting, often known as “In Play” in esports, is when bets are placed on games that are already in progress. Almost all esports games such as Starcraft, League of Legends League, Dota 2, Counter-Strike and Hearthstone are broadcast on Twitch or YouTube in real-time, so the games can be watched as a live stream.

Another interesting category is the special and long-term bets. Each team or player has their individual odds, with a bet on the final winner. The larger the number of teams competing in a particular esports tournament, the higher and more attractive the odds. In the special bets area, you can bet on a special feature linked to the game mode. You can bet on the team that gets the first kill in a game, on a special score or which team actually scores more or fewer points.

Essentially, an esports bet is made in the same way as any other sports bet. After selecting the game and the odds, the bet amount is added to the betting slip. Beginners who want to try out esports betting are recommended to concentrate exclusively on match bets at first.

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