Exclusive: Cyberpunk Action-RPG ANNO: Mutationem Is Coming To Switch Very Soon

2D meets 3D meets cyberpunk in ANNO: Mutationem, an action-adventure game with RPG elements, 2D platforming elements, and detectivey bits that’s making its way to the Nintendo Switch very soon, alongside a free demo and a pre-order discount. The game was previously released on PC, PS4, and PS5 in March, 2024.

In ANNO: Mutationem, players are cast as Ann Flores, a highly-skilled combat extraordinaire who’s on a personal mission to kick ass and take names in order to find her brother. She’s accompanied by equally-talented hacker side-kick Ayane, who will help her to hone her skills, unravel conspiracies, and interrogate cyborg corgis (among other witnesses and suspects, of course).

Standing on the shoulders of beloved giants like Ghost in the Shell, Neon Genesis Evangelion, and Blade Runner, ANNO paints a picture of a cyberpunk future daubed with neon, holograms, and very cool haircuts, told in a 2.5D pixel-art aesthetic.

Pre-orders for ANNO: Mutationem will be live on the Nintendo Switch eShop on the 18th August (10am CEST / 9am BST / 4am ET / 1am PT), alongside a 10% discount on the price and a free demo available to all. The game itself will launch on September 1st, 2024.

Have you played ANNO: Mutationem on PC or PlayStation? Are you excited to have another cyberpunk game on Switch? Tell us about it in the comments!

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