Exclusive: Eat Enemies To Gain Their Power In Kirby-Like Metroidvania, Biomorph

Aren’t you just sick and tired of video game bosses, with their special powers and their cool weapons? Don’t you think you should have those powers, as the protagonist and hero? In Biomorph, an upcoming 2D Metroidvania, you can.

Drawing inspiration from games like Kirby and Mega Man, Biomorph lets you consume deadly monsters, take their shape, and use their powers to defeat other, smaller monsters as you platform around the place. Their powers are also the driving force behind the Metroidvania part, as their abilities will help you access new areas. But it’s not just as easy as eating your enemies — each creature that you’ve committed identity theft with will come back even stronger than before, with all-new powers. That’ll teach you to eat people.


The story is all about rebuilding the city of Blightmoor, getting to know the people who live there, and discovering more about the city’s past… as well as your own.

In true Metroidvania style, Biomorph will include a ton of secrets, upgrades, weapons, and skills to unlock as you progress through the game, allowing players to choose their fighting style and switch builds easily.

Biomorph is being made by Lucid Dreams, a Quebec-based studio made up of a team of games industry veterans, whose portfolios include Far Cry, Deus Ex, Thief, and Life is Strange. Their debut game was Legends of Ethernal, which came to Switch in 2020.


The game will be out on PC, consoles, and Nintendo Switch in 2024.

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