Fastest Quarterbacks in Madden NFL 23


Madden NFL 23 has arrived, and it’s time to dig into the fastest quarterbacks it has to offer.

EA Sports never sleeps, and being right in the thick of August can only mean one thing: It’s time for another year of its famed American football franchise. Every year, fans flood their wish lists with gameplay tweaks and game mode whims. Yet deep down, we know there’s no substitute for speed, and that’s why we’re here to tell you who the fastest quarterbacks in Madden NFL 23 are.

Madden NFL 23 – Fastest Quarterbacks

Who doesn’t love a good, dependable table? Just for you, we’ve decided to throw the ten fastest quarterbacks in Madden NFL 23 into one:

Lamar Jackson Baltimore Ravens 96 87 96 95 96
Malik Willis Tennessee Titans 92 69 93 92 89
Kyler Murray Arizona Cardinals 92 84 95 93 92
Justin Fields Chicago Bears 90 74 91 90 88
Bryce Perkins Los Angeles Rams 89 54 89 83 78
Daniel Jones New York Giants 89 70 89 83 77
Desmond Ridder Atlanta Falcons 88 70 91 79 81
Marcus Mariota Atlanta Falcons 88 71 90 87 86
Josh Allen Buffalo Bills 88 92 92 85 82
Jalen Hurts Philadelphia Eagles 87 74 90 90 90

A quick glance makes it very obvious to us that the Lamar Jackson is the choice across the board in terms of raw speed, acceleration, agility, and even change of direction. Kyler Murray lags just behind Jackson as an established option while Malik Willis presents an intriguing choice as a rookie quarterback if you’re looking to build with the Tennessee Titans.

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Elsewhere, the Atlanta Falcons boast speed for days under center in newbie Desmond Ridder and somehow seven-year veteran Marcus Mariota—whereas with Justin Fields and Jalen Hurts in Chicago and Philadelphia, respectively, it doesn’t get much steadier than their overall speed game. Josh Allen can do it all in Buffalo while Daniel Jones does very little in New York, but hey, the latter boasts plenty of quickness as well.

Last but certainly not least, if you’re looking for a whole lot of fun and almost certainly frustration, give Bryce Perkins of the Los Angeles Rams a shot—even if it means you never throw the football again.

And that’s that. When it comes to the fastest quarterbacks in Madden NFL 23, you’re all set. Not only do you have the obvious choices, but you’ve got a handful of very interesting options to consider if you’re the rebuilding type as well. Looking for more speed or news on the game in general? You’re in luck, as we’ve got plenty for you to check out below.

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