Fastest Wide Receivers in Madden NFL 23


Madden NFL 23 is here, and we’re looking at the fastest wide receivers the latest installment has to offer.

EA Sports and August is a recipe for familiarity, and this year is no exception as the legacy of John Madden comes to the forefront once again to reiterate to fans that it is, in fact, in the game. Yet while avid players of the everlasting American football franchise look for any early advantage, we all know which well fans love to frequent the most: Speed. That’s why you’re here, after all, and so we’re here to break down the fastest wide receivers Madden NFL 23 has to offer.

Madden NFL 23 — Fastest Wide Receivers

Don’t worry about that monitor of yours, we’ve got a sturdy table ready to hold it up and show you the ten fastest wide receivers in Madden NFL 23:

Tyreek Hill Miami Dolphins 99 97 99 98 99
Jameson Williams (R) Detroit Lions 98 78 95 94 94
Quez Watkins Philadelphia Eagles 98 76 95 86 84
Jaylen Waddle Miami Dolphins 97 84 97 97 94
Mecole Hardman Kansas City Chiefs 97 79 96 92 87
Marquise Brown Arizona Cardinals 97 84 94 96 92
Anthony Schwartz Cleveland Browns 96 69 95 86 85
Robbie Anderson Carolina Panthers 96 82 93 83 84
Marquise Goodwin Seattle Seahawks 96 74 96 89 86
Calvin Austin III (R) Pittsburgh Steelers 95 70 96 91 92

Taking everything into account, we can confidently deduce that Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle are the two most dangerous wideouts in the game—almost to a comical degree. Only when the realization sets in that Hill and Waddle both play for the Miami Dolphins does the laughter stop.

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From a raw speed standpoint, you’re really not going to find a bad option here. The same can be argued for acceleration, though if we were to be picky —and we will be— Marquise Brown and Robbie Anderson both find themselves on the wrong side of 95. Shape up, fellas.

Where this begins to get really interesting is in the agility category, as we’re greeted with quite the range starting at Hill (98) and concluding with Anderson (83). In fact, agility is the reason Pittsburgh’s rookie Calvin Austin III (91) edges out New England’s fellow newcomer Tyquan Thornton (82) on this list. Plus, I mean, we don’t have to acknowledge the Patriots all the time.

Well that’s that, folks. When it comes to the fastest wide receivers in Madden NFL 23, the Miami Dolphins are downright terrifying. If you’re in the mood for a challenge, we suggest taking the Cleveland Browns, benching Deshaun Watson for 11 games, and seeing how long it takes to get fed up with chucking it to Anthony Schwartz with gosh knows who.

Oh, and if you can’t get enough speed, be sure to check out the fastest quarterbacks Madden 23 has to offer and so much more below.

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