Fight Monsters And Clear Hairballs In This Upcoming 1-Bit Feline Dungeon Crawler

How many times have you thought, “yes, this dungeon crawler is great, but I wish there was the option to play as a cat”? Well, UnderDungeon, developed by Josyan, might be just the game to fill this retro feline-focussed hole in your gaming collection.

The newest release from publisher RedDeerGames will see you taking on Zelda-inspired dungeons as a delivery driver turned sword-wielding cat. Never mind their lack of opposable thumbs, UnderDungeon’s hero is an armed-to-the-teeth warrior (which is exactly how we have always imagined cats see themselves anyway).

This dungeon crawler’s unique nostalgic feel comes from its 1-bit graphics and classic-inspired soundtrack (which gives us a bit of an Undertale vibe), both of which look set to send us spiralling back to our earliest gaming memories. Interestingly, UnderDungeon will not appear solely in this top-down style as some sections look set to allow to explore these black and white dungeons from a first-person perspective.

Using weapons such as magical bubbles, a boomerang cannon and a longsword, this cat is packing some serious heat and it seems that you will have to use each of them to your advantage as you navigate complex dungeons and take on intimidating bosses.

Take a look at some of the game’s monochrome screenshots below to get an idea of what UnderDungeon has in store:

While there is no confirmed release date for UnderDungeon just yet, RedDeerGames has stated that the game will be coming to Switch later this year. That leaves plenty of time for a cat nap.

What do you make of Under Dungeon? Let us know in the comments below!

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