FTR talks about WWE’s interest in Bringing Them back

AEW Tag Team FTR opens up about rumours about WWE being interested in bringing them back 

AEW Tag Team FTR appeared on today’s edition of The Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette, where they addressed the recent rumours that WWE was interested in bringing them back when their AEW contract expires.

FTR are former Champions
FTR are former AEW World Tag Team Champion (Newsakmi)

Dax Harwood took on this question and said they left the place as WWE didn’t focus much on tag team wrestling. He also said that money is not everything for them, and all they want is for the wrestling promotions to focus on tag team wrestling.

We left that place because they didn’t put a focus on tag team wrestling, and we knew there was a ceiling to where we could go in the company. We wanted to do more. We wanted to be known as the greatest tag team of all time. We had to leave there to do that, and we knew that. That’s why we were so insistent on them getting us our releases. Now, I see the screenshot of all the different news outlets saying they want to re-sign us, and that’s flattering and cool, we got some more time. I told Tony (Khan) because obviously, he heard about it. I told him, ‘There is no way we would ever talk contracts with anybody while we’re working for him.’ We have way too much respect for him, and our word means something. Will they ever focus on tag team wrestling like we’ve been able to for the last two years? Money is not everything for us. I do have a family, so I have to take care of them, but it’s not all about the money. It’s about what we leave behind for wrestling.” (H/T Fightful)

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FTR Currently holds both the AAA tag team titles and the ROH tag team titles. The two stablemates will be facing each other in a Qualifying Match for the Owen Hart Foundation Tomorrow night on AEW Dynamite.

WWE reportedly has no interest in bringing FTR back 

Several reports emerged last week that WWE was interested in bringing FTR once their AEW contracts expire. Since then, it has been revealed that Tony Khan has exercised an option in the contracts of Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler that they will stay in AW for at least another year.

However, Ringside News has reported that there is no interest from WWE in bringing the current AAA and Ring of Honor World Tag-team Champions. 

The two stablemates will face each other in a Dynamite dream match up, with CM Punk being the special guest commentator.

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