Funny Father’s Day Cards Messages to Your Dad

A good laugh is the best medicine. It is Father’s Day on 19th June, 2024, which falls on third Sunday of June every year, and if you are thinking of how to make it special then we have an idea. Make Father’s Day a happy occasion, full of laughter for your loving dad by wishing him this special day with some good funny Father’s Day wishes. Add some lively moments to this beautiful relationship by writing funny Fathers Day cards messages for your dearest papa who has been your hero.

Best Collection of funny Father’s Day messages, Funny Fathers Day Cards Quotes, fathers day wishes to tickle his funny bones. Wonderful Father’s Day wishes loaded with laughter to wish your adorable dad.

Funny Fathers Day Messages to Dad

Short Funny Father’s Day Messages from wife

1). Every baby thinks his father is a superman with super powers but when he grows up, he realizes that he is just another ordinary man with no such special powers… Happy Father’s Day to another ordinary but very special dad.

2). When a baby is smiling and laughing, he wants his daddy and when his diaper is smelling bad, he only wants his mom….. Warm wishes to you on Father’s Day for taking care of our children when they were in happy moods.

3). Fatherhood is amazing because that’s the only thing in life wherein you get the opportunity to ruin from scratch….. A Happy Father’s Day to the dad who got this wonderful opportunity not once but thrice!!!

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4). Life is strange….. Together we could create two humans but still find it difficult to have cupboards that are well organized…. Cheers to you as a dad and me as a mom….. Happy Father’s Day dear.

Funny Fathers Day Messages from Son 2024

5). When I bought you a mug with “Best Dad in the World” caption on it, I was not sarcastic, I was just being kind enough to make your special day more special….. Warm wishes to you on Father’s Day dad.

6). Whenever I look myself in the mirror, I see a handsome and stylish man but whenever someone tells me that I resemble my dad, I again have to look into the mirror to know that he is joking…. Happy Father’s Day dad.

7). I may not have the best dad in the world but I am very sure that my dad has the best son in the world….. Dad, just wanted to tell you that you are very lucky to have me….. Sending you my love and wishes on Father’s Day to add more luck to your life.

8). Dearest dad, just wanted to thank you for paying all the bills of our TV which raised me, mentored me and made me learn new things about life….. Thanks to our TV and to you…. Happy Father’s Day.

Cute funny Fathers Day Messages from Daughter

9). Dad, on this wonderful day, I would want to make you a promise that I will give you grand children who would annoy you as much as I annoyed you to keep the legacy going…. Happy Father’s Day.

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10). If there was no Father’s Day, I am very sure that you would just have one tie in your closet and you would only wear that only tie when we go out to celebrate this day….. Wishing you a very Happy Father’s Day papa.

11). I keep telling everyone that my dad taught me everything I know but there is nothing much but the only few things that I know….. Thanks daddy…. Warm wishes to you on Father’s Day.

12). I smile because you are my dad and I laugh because there is nothing at all that I can do about it…. Cheers to you dad as we celebrate this day designed just for you….. A very Happy Father’s Day to you.

Funny Father’s day Messages from Baby

13). Dad, just wanted to wish you Happy Father’s Day and also wanted to remind you that without me, this day would mean nothing to you….. So please buy me a present on this day!!!

14). I may grown up into a big girl one day but I know that I will always need you to pay me pocket money, to buy me gifts, to take me to shopping because I love you lots…. Happy Father’s Day daddy.

15). Father’s Day should be a celebration time not only for fathers but also for their children…. They should also be wished and given gifts as they make them dads… Happy Father’s Day to you papa.

16). Dad, I am so happy and proud of all the talents that I have got from you but then I wonder what are those talents and I cannot think of any and I realize yes, no talent is the talent that you have gifted me….. Happy Father’s Day to you.

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Funny Fathers Day Messages from Friend

17). I wish that this Father’s Day is as funny, as fun, as great as the ones which you had when you were not a father….. Keep rocking!!!! Keep enjoying!!!! Warm wishes to you on Father’s Day dude!!!

18). There was a time when we would talk about girls and bars but now times have changed and we discuss about schools and academics….. Cheers to parenthood and cheers to the changing times…. Happy Father’s Day!!!

19). We all want to see our children grow but we don’t realize that if we want them to grow, we will also grow old…. So dude, don’t wish such stupid things and just enjoy this time….. Wishing you Happy Father’s Day.

20). You are happy only when your baby is sleeping comfortably and you can enjoy a mug of beer without having to bother…. Cheers bro!!! Happy Father’s Day to you.

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