Happy Hour Day: 64+ Captions, Greetings, Messages and Quotes

International happy hour day is celebrated on 12th November of every year. The words comfortable and hours gave an excellent idea when they appeared together. The origin of happy hours is still unknown, but it was started in the 20th century. This day aims to celebrate the day to turn away the boredom.

Happy Hour Day Greetings, Messages and Quotes

National Happy Hours day greetings:

– The happy hour day is here. Celebrate it by going out for drinks, getting drunk, getting crazy, and shaking off the load from your shoulders.

– You can be not a regular drinker but drinking during happy hours is your right—happy national happy hour day.

– The word happy hours put a smile on my face, which no one can, and that’s what true love is. Enjoy the very minute of happy hours.

– The happy hours are the only hours that I wish should never end—happy national happy hours day.

– The world needs more happy hour’s day, not the world wars day because that’s what unites the world happy hours.

– Happiness is going out with your friends and enjoying the happy hours. Happy national happy hour day.

– Happiness is having a happy hour with friends and then the next day waking up with a hangover.

– I want happy hours on a Friday night; that’s it. Happy national happy hour day.

– I don’t need true love; I need happy hours because true love can hurt you but not the happy hour.

– For some, happy hours mean drinking hours. For some, it slimly means napping. Everyone has their own way to take the load off.

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–  You know you are an adult when happy hours mean ding nothing, just sitting and blankly staring at the wall—happy national happy hour day.

– You can run out of friends, but you should not run out of happy hours because friends can make you sad but not happy hours.

– Happy hours don’t always mean drinking hours. It simply means doing whatever makes you happy and calm—happy national happy hour day.

National happy hour day messages:

– The world needs more heroes like people who celebrated the happy hours.

– You know you are adulating when happy hours for you mean staying at home and enjoying doing nothing.

– No one can become a happy hour in your life. Only you can because no one else can you happier than yourself.

– If you can control yourself from drinking during happy hours, then you are next to god.

– For some, happy hours simply mean sitting in their pajamas on their couch having a glass of wine and reading their favorite book, and for some, happy hour simply means party.

– Half of the people have been prevented from depression because of happy hours.

– As much as someone hates the office hours, they love the happy hours because that’s the rule.

– Happy hours are like a breeze of fresh air in our gloomy old days.

National happy hour day quotes

“Just adopt to the change, the early birds will enjoy the happy hours.”
― Tapan Ghosh

“Happiness is somewhere else, someplace with boat drinks, some secret, distant state of bliss which if they were given would bore them in minutes.”
― Geoffrey Wood

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“She wished it were evening now, wished for the great relief of the calendar inking itself out, of day done and night coming, of ice cubes.”

― Michelle Latiolais

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