Horizon Chase Turbo Gets Blown Wide Open With New Free ‘Adventures Mode’

Horizon Chase Turbo turns seven this month (yes, seven!) and to celebrate, developer Aquiris has implemented a substantial free update for all players, introducing a new mode called ‘Adventures’.

Adventures mode allows players to unlock a vast selection of skins for their car collections and race across over 170 tracks, with Aquiris stating the update introduces 8 hours worth of new content.

Here’s how the new mode will work:

– Each time a new car is unlocked in the classic World Tour mode, a set of 5 tracks will become available composing a new Adventure to get through. When the player completes all the tracks of each adventure, one exclusive skin is unlocked.

– The player needs to unlock all the cars in the World Tour to be able to access the 34 Adventures, once the 5 races of each adventure are won, the special skin for the car associated with that adventure will be unlocked.

It certainly sounds pretty extensive, and we’re always up for some free new content! Horizon Chase Turbo happens to be pretty excellent, too; we gave the game a hefty 9/10 in our review and called it “a worthy successor to Sega’s Out Run”. The game has been subject to multiple additional updates over the years, but this new one definitely sounds like the biggest one yet.

Will you be checking out ‘Adventures’ mode for Horizon Chase Turbo? Start your engines and let us know in the comments!

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