How did Laura McCulloch fare? Missing Actress In Los Angeles

Friends and family of the Australian actress Laura McCulloch have reported that she has not been seen or heard from since her trip to Los Angeles. Fans are worried that she will eventually come to public attention.

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A Victorian actress and singer named Laura McCulloch, 37 years old, has not been sighted in Los Angeles. She went on a date using “Bumble or Tinder” on August 12, but she hasn’t shown up for work or her yoga class since then.

After the family became frustrated with the lack of cooperation from the LAPD, her cousin Merrie McCulloch created a GoFundMe page so that the family could use the money to hire a private investigator.

Those in Laura’s circle of friends and family who are appalled by her actions describe them as “very out of character.” As a direct result of this, friends of Ms. McCulloch have launched an online search campaign and have been making fruitless efforts to locate her.

She made a cameo appearance in the Australian short film The Black Sheep, which was released in 2010, and she also played a supporting role in the film adaptation of the famous ballet The Nutcracker, released in 2009.

Can Laura McCulloch be located?

After Laura McCulloch failed to return home from Los Angeles, her devoted followers are concerned about her well-being and want to know if she has been found and is secure. According to the actress’ sister, the actress has been reported missing.

An Australian actress and singer who vanished in the United States and whose last known meeting was an online date is the subject of a desperate search.

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It was reported that Laura McCulloch went on a date on August 12 using either Bumble or Tinder.

When Laura was last seen on Friday, August 12, she was at a Japanese restaurant in Los Angeles. She was there to meet someone for a date she had arranged through either “Bumble” or “Tinder.”

She was described as “bubbly and energetic” and a Victorian woman who vanished after skipping her yoga class, job, and other regular “commitments.” She even deleted her dating app before going missing.

Even though they were conducting urgent searches for missing persons, her friends and family claim that as of Tuesday night, Los Angeles police had not formally classified her case as one involving a missing person.

Even if the complaint is made over the phone, the law requires that all law enforcement agencies in the state of California accept the report of a missing person as soon as possible, and the investigation of the report must be given top priority.

When Laura was last seen, she wore a pair of tan shoes with a red skirt and a blue top. She has blue eyes and dark brown hair that has a grey streak running through it. She has a height of approximately 5 feet 3 inches.

How did Laura McCulloch fare?

The mystery surrounding Laura McCulloch’s whereabouts is currently making headlines because no one knows where she could be.

Since Laura wasn’t picking up the phone, Laura’s sister said that she was “completely beside me” in the situation. According to the California Department of Justice website, there is no waiting period before someone is officially reported missing. This information was gleaned from the website.

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What was she wearing at the time of missing ?

When Laura McCulloch was getting ready for her date, she wore “a blue shirt, red skirt, and tan shoes.”

Ms. McCulloch’s friends have searched for her on the internet and are making heroic efforts to locate her. They wrote this in an online post: “She was last heard from before setting out on a Bumble or Tinder meet-up.”

After working as an actor, singer, voice actress, writer, and producer in New York, Laura relocated to Los Angeles in 2021. Previously, she had lived and worked in New York.

She has one acting credit in the independent short film “Covid Support Group” directed by an American woman named Abigail Bogle in 2024. She has also worked as a nanny in between jobs.

In March of 2021, she performed at Bob Jones University in South Carolina, playing the role of Madame Le Farge in an American adaptation of A Tale of Two Cities.

Clare claims that even though the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) has been notified of her disappearance, they do not intend to investigate the matter. Because of this, she had no choice but to work with a private investigator to assist in the search.

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