How Google AdSense Loading Works – How to Boost AdSense Earnings

You may be wondering what we mean by Google AdSense Loading if practicing Google AdSense Loading is safe in order for you to increase your Google AdSense Loading earnings.

What is Google AdSense Loading?

Google AdSense Loading is the process of using software or scripts to send clicks or traffic to your website for the sole purpose of increasing your Google AdSense Loading earnings.

Google AdSense Loading came into existence through the Indians and Pakistanis and they promised to send $100 into your AdSense account for a charge of $30 – $45.

How Google AdSense Loading Works

The fact is that the traffic obtained from AdSense Loading is not organic traffic. Nonetheless, the Pakistanis and Indians would make you believe the traffic they are generating is an organic one so you would patronize them or buy what they are offering.

Can AdSense Loading result in Ad Limit?

The answer to this is YES. AdSense Loading does lead to Ad limit.

How safe is Google AdSense Loading?

Google AdSense Loading is not really safe. So you should not depend on it.

Many bloggers get involved in the practice of Google AdSense Loading and get their AdSense accounts blocked or canceled later on by Google.

So if you practice Google AdSense Loading, you may likely receive an email from the Google team informing you that your AdSense account has been canceled.

Once you receive an email like that, it simply means you have lost your AdSense account. However, after 30days, you may receive an outstanding payment.

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Should I practice AdSense Loading?

The thing is that you can only go-ahead to practice Google AdSense Loading if you do not value your AdSense account. But, if you do value your AdSense account, please turn a blind eye to AdSense Loading.

If you are looking for something similar to Google AdSense Loading but is safer, you should try Google AdSense Arbitrage.

How do I boost my AdSense earnings? 

  • Create unique, valuable content.

If you are just starting, your site will initially be approved by Google AdSense. However, it will be reviewed later for quality assurance. Put differently, you can’t get your site monetized by just filling it with low-quality content to get the 100 pages indexed.

Rather you should find something you have a passion for and find other people that have the same passion for the same thing. Then work together so as to create the type of content that other people who have passion about the topic would like to read.

Readers that visit your website may not click on your AdSense ads immediately and if they leave your site just after looking at one page, it’s likely that you have lost them and their AdSense earnings forever. For this reason, you need to make your site sticky.

What I mean by making sure your site is sticky is that you need to make sure that any visitor that enters your site would want to dig deeper and further into the site. There are many ways this can be done. If you are just starting, you need to have clear navigation at the top of your site, that way, visitors can easily locate the best parts.

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Next, you have to make sure every piece of content on your site links to more pieces of content. By doing that, if your visitors don’t like the page they landed upon, they can see another topic they would be interested in instead by clicking on a link

Finally, more content links should be at the sidebar.

Your visitors should be aware of the content that is most popular, the content that is most shared, and the content that people comment on the most.

This makes the visitors curious concerning why those particular contents are popular and that will make them stay longer on your site. The more times that load your page, the more they will see ads and that will eventually lead to more Google AdSense earnings.

  • Give your visitors multiple channels back to your site.

You should not allow your visitors to forget about your site totally. You should make use of your header, end of content, sidebar, and footer to add multiple channels the visitors can easily connect with you so they can follow you.

You should provide options that include email opt-ins and social networks. With that, for every time you produce or promote a piece of content, your visitors will be reminded about your site and hopefully, that will make them visit the site and click on your AdSense ads the most.

  •  Optimize your user experience.

The one thing that makes many site owners hurt is user experience. You may have the content that’s the greatest and the best ad placement but if your site is slow when loading or does not load at all on mobile devices, you may likely lose a lot of visitors way before they will even get the chance to go through your contents or click on your AdSense ads.

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That is the reason why you need to do some things that are essential for your site.

The first thing you have to do is to run some simple tests by making use of Test My Site with Google, this is to make sure your site is functioning well for users of Mobile and to be sure it loads fast. If the tools happen to detect any issues on your site, they will point them out so they can be worked on.

The second step to take is to sign up for Google Analytics and Google Search Console if you haven’t done that already.

The work of Google Analytics is to keep an eye on your levels of traffic, so if you notice a drop, the next thing to do is to look into it immediately. Google Search Console has different tools that will assist you in finding out if your website has issues that pertain to performance or other errors that could be causing problems to your visitors.

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