How much would it cost to buy all Destiny 2 Expansions?


This guide will explain the pricing options available for Destiny 2’s many expansions and other content offerings.

With Destiny 2’s newest expansion Lightfall having been shown off with a number of features available to help get new players started, including a Gift of the Thunder God’s package full of free loot for new and returning players, now may be the best time to jump into Bungie’s sci-fi MMO. The first hurdle for new players, however, will be figuring out how to navigate Destiny 2’s complicated pricing system. With different bundles and editions up for grabs, this guide will help explain how much it would cost to buy all Destiny 2 expansions.

Destiny 2 – How Much It Costs to Buy All Expansions

Buying the Expansions All Together

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If you’re looking to get everything that Destiny 2 has to offer at once, including the various seasons available now and in the future, the process is pretty simple. There are four purchases you would have to make: buying the Destiny 2: Legacy Collection, the Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Pack, buying the Destiny 2: Witch Queen Deluxe Addition, and preordering the Destiny 2: Lightfall + Annual Pass Edition.

  • Purchasing the Destiny 2: Legacy Collection, which includes the Shadowkeep and Beyond Light expansions as well as the Forsaken pack, would cost $60 in total.
  • Purchasing the Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Pack, which includes the Grasp of Avarice dungeon as well as two ornament sets for each class, is $25.
  • Purchasing Destiny 2: Witch Queen Deluxe Edition which would include access to the Witch Queen expansion as well as every season released since up until Lightfall, would cost $80 in total.
  • Preordering Destiny 2: Lightfall + Annual Pass Edition, which would include access to the Lightfall expansion as well as the seasons that follow, would cost a grand total of $100.
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The total cost of buying the sum of Destiny 2’s content all at once would be $265. This purchase would include hundreds of hours of content, and whether or not that price is worth it is up to you.

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Buying the Expansions Individually

For those who might be looking to purchase Destiny 2’s content over a longer period of time, the process becomes a bit complicated. With individual expansions up for purchase, as well as seasons rotating in about every three months, the price will become harder to figure out.

  • Destiny 2’s seasons cost 1000 silver, or $10 each. If a new player were to buy each season as they release, that could total about $40. However, if a player misses out on a season they cannot get access to it without purchasing the previous expansion’s deluxe edition, meaning that how much they spend on seasons over time can vary.
  • Purchasing the Destiny 2 Forsaken Pack, which includes access to all content from the Forsaken Expansion that has not been sunset, will cost $20.
  • Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, the earliest expansion available, costs $25 individually.
  • Destiny 2: Beyond Light, the expansion that introduced the game’s Stasis subclass, costs $30.
  • Purchasing the Destiny 2 30th Anniversary Pack on its own, would cost $25.
  • Destiny 2: Witch Queen, the game’s latest expansion, would cost $40.
  • Getting access to Destiny 2: Witch Queen’s Duality dungeon costs 2000 silver, or $20
  • Preording Destiny 2: Lightfall would cost $50.

The cost for purchasing every Destiny 2 offering comes out to a grand total of $270. This would be $25 more expensive than buying everything together, but not every player can afford to spend $240 on a whim.

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Which purchasing option is the best is ultimately up to you. If you intend on purchasing everything, doing so by purchasing the bundles and deluxe editions outlined will save you $25. However, buying things on an individual basis does lend the flexibility to skip out on certain expansions or seasons should a player not be interested.

We hope this helped clue you in on how much it would cost to buy all Destiny 2 expansions. If this guide has been helpful, check out our article on how Destiny 2 Lightfall Will Introduce Guardian Ranks, Fireteam Finder, & More to Multiplayer, or our guide on How to Get Delicate Tomb Exotic Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2.

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