How to Cut Power to Control Panel in Fortnite Quest

We have brought you a guide that will tell you how to cut power to control panel in Fortnite Quest. Follow the guide carefully.

The struggle between the IO and The Seven is serious in Fortnite, but any loose ends between enemies and allies should not be allowed to hang in the air. It is you who has the ability to cut the power to Command Cavern in order to buy them some time. 

Within Command Cavern, you must destroy three control panels, but due to their size and danger, you might also have difficulty identifying them. How to cut Power to Control Panel and be ahead of the enemies? In this Fortnite guide, we will tell you everything that will help you complete the quest.

Fortnite Quest gameplay
Fortnite Quest gameplay (YouTube)

How to cut Power to Control Panel

The first step toward this quest is to establish a device uplink near Command Cavern. If the Battle Bus travels along a path, you can pick the closest one from three different drop zones. Each of these marked locations contains a hologram that must be stepped on for the quest to continue.

Finding the control panels might be tricky. Because Command Cavern is underground, you can have trouble discovering anything on your map due to its size. There are three different secure spots where the control panels can be found, which are located within vents around the facility. When you navigate these vents correctly, you can connect them. The controls can be found more quickly without many enemies if you climb through them. Below we will tell you about all three Command Cavern Control Panel.

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Command Cavern Control Panel One

The stairs are located on the left-hand side of the southern entrance into Command Cavern. A hatch leads into the AC vent on the right side of the second set of stairs. Take the left hatch door after entering the hatch and following the vent to the end. The room will be to the left behind the hatch. Then you can move on to the next section by hitting the Control Panel with your melee weapon.

Command Cavern Control Panel One
Fortnite Quest (YouTube)

Command Cavern Control Panel Two

You should go up and around to your right from the north waterway entrance into Command Cavern until you reach this building. Under the staircase, is where you will need to enter the vent hatch. After passing through the vent, the Control Panel is on your right, behind the first hatch door.

Command Cavern Control Panel Three

The north entrance will be your starting point this time. You will need to climb a box to your right to gain access to the hatch door after ducking under the shutter. There are several branches to unrelated areas in the vent, so follow it until the end. The third and final Control Panel is located in the room to the left of the hatch that you just opened. There is one more thing you need to do in this room to complete the quest: break the control panel.

So, this is how to cut power to control panel in Fortnite. If you follow the guide carefully, you will easily complete this challenging quest. 

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Fortnite Quest
Fortnite Quest (YouTube)

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