How to Defeat Kallamar Boss Fight in Cult of the Lamb

While there’s definetly plenty of farming and relationship building to be done revolving around your cult in Cult of the Lamb, a big part of the game is going off on Crusades and fighting against enemies. Of those enemies, there’s no bigger challenge than the four Bishops that rule over the land, each of which you must kill to free the One Who Waits. Here is everything you need to know about how to defeat the Kallamar boss fight in Cult of the Lamb.

Before you go about trying to fight Kallamar in Cult of the Lamb, we recommend you go for Leshy and Heket first. Not only are these Bishop’s dungeons shorter, but they will also show allow you to build up experiences and resources to improve your weapons, curses, and abilities, which you’re definitely going to need for this one.

How to Unlock Anchordeep

In order to get to Heket, you’ll need to unlock their domain, Anchordeep, a location populated by various different cultists and fish monsters. To do this, you’ll have to have at least nine followers unlocked and alive at your camp.

Once you have nine cultists, all you have to do to unlock Anchordep is go to its door and press A or X, and then a ritual will be performed, unlocking the door. After you unlock the door, you’ll need to follow the paths until the circle right above the door is full. You’ll encounter plenty of events and mini-bosses along the way, but once it is filled up, you’ll be able to fight Kallamar.

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How to Defeat Kallamar in Cult of the Lamb

The thing that sets Kallamar apart from the first two bosses in Cult of the Lamb is speed. On top of having minions, area of effect, and ranged attacks, this enemy is much faster than the other two and has some really fast close-ranged attacks. On top of that, they’ve got a bullet hell attack combo that is absolutely brutal.

When it comes to close-range sword swings, roll into Kallamar in order to dodge right as they swing. They’ll likely teleport soon after this and start spraying pellets from their base, first as a disk and then as a wheel-like pattern, as you can see below.

This one isn’t too hard to avoid, as it leaves a lot of gaps the further out you are. After you get Kallamar to half health, two more layers of bullet hell attacks are added.

The first is a quick, machine-gun-like wave that follows you in a straight line. Get as far away from Kallamar as possible and roll in a circular pattern to avoid this. The other occurs when they’re in the middle of the stage.

Kallamar will fire out a much faster and bigger spray of bullets that can be dodged by moving through gaps or rolling through. Right after this, a much denser area of effect spray comes out, so just keep to the back walls and try and time it appropriately.

Honestly, the best way to combat these attacks and do some damage is to make sure you have a good speed build of your own. Going into this fight with a hammer or ax will be tougher than wielding a dagger, which will allow you to get in quick jabs and then get out of dodge before the close-range attacks or bullet hell sprays startup.

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That is everything you need to know about how to defeat Kallamar in Cult of the Lamb. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out the rest of our guides for the game, as we’ve got info on how to maintain followers, get married, and much more right down below.

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