How To Do A Slideshow On Tiktok? How To Make A Fast Slideshow On Tiktok?

How To Do A Slideshow On Tiktok?

TikTok is a popular social media platform that uses photos to create content and capture the moment to show its audience. A video recording may not always be available for every story you want to share. Check your photos and ensure you have the photos you need to share your story. You can create the slideshow in TikTok in a few easy steps

How To Make A Fast Slideshow On Tiktok?

The following are the steps to making a slideshow on TikTok. Keep the images you want ready and make your slideshow.

  1. Open TikTok

  2. Select plus to create a new TikTok 

  3. Select upload from the bottom of the screen

  4. Under the image option, 

  5. Select as many images as you want 

  6. Select the next option 

  7. On the next page, select the edits and music that you want 

  8. Choose the vertical or horizontal slide transitions and then select next

  9. Now you can upload the slideshow to TikTok. 

Tiktok Slideshow Vs. Video Clip

You’re not only limited to uploading videos because TikTok is a platform for sharing videos. If you have still photographs to communicate the story but no video, consider creating a TikTok slideshow. A slideshow is a collection of still images played back in order as a quick video. Before uploading to your TikTok, you can alter the photographs in the app by adding filters and customizing transitions. A slideshow can be created in a matter of minutes. However, planning, staging, and producing a video segment can take some time.


The Chinese corporation ByteDance owns the short-form video hosting platform TikTok. It features many user-generated short-form videos, including comedy, dance, pranks, tricks, and entertainment. Douyin, which debuted on the Chinese market in September 2016, has a global counterpart in TikTok. TikTok was first introduced in 2017 for iOS and Android outside of mainland China. However, it wasn’t until 2 August 2018 that it merged with Musical.ly, another Chinese social media platform, to become available globally.

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