How To Download Song From Audiomack Directly To Your Phone

Nowadays I get to discover that whenever I ask most of my friends to send me particular music they were listening to or the one they played on their status, reply I will hear was I can’t be able to send it I got it downloaded from Audiomack, Ooh Ooh too bad, most of our celebrity make us get music from audiomack maybe it’s all because they make stuff easier to access their favorite music and play it on the list or just because of audiomack support both android devices and iOS devices. how to download song from audiomack.

Well, I actually don’t have a genuine reason for that, it’s just that nowadays it sounds somehow when you have someone to send you music even if he making use of android devices he/she will say he can’t or she can’t too bad, that’s was the main reason which I seem to look for an alternative way to get the copy of the music that you have downloaded already on audiomack and you can now play it on your normal music Player or got it to send to your friends without he/she goes online and download anything again all will be done offline. 

But the steps and procedures are about sure it’s strictly for Android users, for iOS users, I don’t know about that for now. how to download song from audiomack, will be getting back to them on how to get their own too, but it seems they don’t even like sending music out online to android. lol. 

  • A file explorer will be needed ( ES File Explorer is recommended to get one from the play store or the direct download link is here).
  • Audiomack should be already on your phone.
  • After getting all that you can now move to the next steps. 
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How to extract downloaded music from Audiomack and get it played on other music Player (offline

How to download song from audiomack

To extract download or offline download music from audiomack you need to follow below steps gradually:

  1. Firstly go to your audiomack music Player and locate your offline music or music that you have downloaded before to be able to know how to download song from audiomack.
  2. Then make the list or sort it in the newest and shown in the screenshots.
  3. Now open the es file explorer you download from the above link.
  4. Make sure it’s already installed on your device (Android device).
  5. Select the internal storage and locate the folder named “Android”.
    Es file explorer use to extract music from Audiomack
  6. Next follow the lead click on “data” then look for the audiomack file storage folder named “Com.audiomack”.
  7. Click on it and select a folder named “file” again and click on the folder name “audiomack” which is the final destination.
  8. You will be provided with the list of some files which are named with some unknown extension.
  9. Does file is what we need, they are the list of music you have downloaded on your audiomack.
  10. What we need now is to rename them the rightful extension.
  11. Remember I made mention you should sort your file in the newest list tally, if you have not done so go back and do that on your audiomack now before you move to the next step.
  12. After you have sorted it, go back to the file we just located on our file explorer from the beginning to the end.
  13. Entails how your music lists itself on your audiomack Player so what you need to do now is to rename the file on the file explorer to get our music extracted.
  14. Long press on the first one and try to rename it with the name as shown on the audiomack list and end the name with an mp3 extension as shown below screenshot.

    Example “Zyzzyx practice.mp3”

    Audiomack music

  15. You will carry out the same process with all of the music you want on your file manager or other music Player list which you can be able to send to your friends.
  16. Now after you have successfully edited all your music and see the Player logo on all files then you are good to go.
  17. You now move the file you just edited to your main music list and start enjoying them on your main player.
  18. That’s all about that. 

Actually audiomack is an awesome and great music player app for both android and iOS users but what it’s just lack was not allowing people to share music within each other which is too bad I mean share I mean sharing offline not online that’s that about how to download song from audiomack. 

You can also share music view audiomack but it seems to be online lol the developer or the owner of the app wish to gain more from it, although other music Players app does such too just like boom player but not to this extent. 

In case you experience this on other music players just follow the same steps to get your main music file that’s all, I think I will drop my pen here. 

I and my team do Bring fast updates to my humble followers view telegram channel so endeavor to join us too there see you guys later. 

Complete Video Guide On How to download song from audiomack to your Phone

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