How To Download Videos From Youtube To Any Device 2024

People seem to find it difficult to download videos on YouTube and obtain and save them for offline in 2024 used on their mobile phones even though YouTube added a download button for users to be able to download videos offline with their app, there still are certain terms and conditions to adhere to before a video can be downloaded on YouTube for offline use.

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions include, if the person who uploaded the video does not want the video he uploaded to be downloaded, then he removes the download button, Making the video only available online. That is sometimes bad because, during a situation where you see a video that you simply would like to have offline, you suddenly would not find any download button for it.

Another term they attached to their videos is that once you get a video downloaded on the YouTube app then you’ll only get access to the video once you signed in to your YouTube app which is just too bad.
Not nice, indeed you will not see the video on your device’s video Player meaning you won’t get access to view the file directly on your file manager which doesn’t sound cool.

That’s a number of the main reasons why we bring the article into consideration and convey it to you, causing people to seem to find it difficult to have their video downloaded on YouTube.

In these articles as we said earlier, we’ll lead you through the way on how you’ll download YouTube videos on any device either Android, IOS, Or PC Device. the tactic we are about to share will work for all devices, know you would like to have your video downloaded so stay with us till the end of this post.

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Actually, we’ll reveal Three methods to you on how you’ll download videos from YouTube, you can apply any of the methods for they’re all easy methods on
how you’ll download videos on YouTube. let’s check out the methods below.

Methods To Download YouTube Video

  • Download through YouTube Direct Link
  • From A Site (Yt2mate)
  • Via  Snaptupe

As we said earlier, any of those methods are quite easy and you’ll enjoy using it to have your videos downloaded on YouTube check how you’ll implement any of the methods below

How To Download YouTube Video Method One (1)

  1. After you’ve got located the video that you simply will wish to get saved to your device ( Download).
  2. Either on Android, IOS or Pc.
  3. Copy the video link from the choice provided on the video.
  4. Open Any of your browsers On your Phone or Pc (Chrome, UC Browser, Opera Mini Etc) Chrome Browser Recommend.
  5. Paste the link to the browser Url bar.
  6. Clear the “https://” from the link you only paste.
  7. Add SS After clearing the “https://” to the link you only paste as shown below.
    youtube download view link
  8. Select the video quality you want and hit the enter key or go button on your phone.
    youtube video download view link
  9. Your Video will just start downloading.
  10. You have just gotten your video downloaded by doing these.

Now let’s move to the next method of getting your YouTube video downloaded this is an alternate method for folks that will wish to select video quality either 720p, 360p, or Mp4 other far more options also are provided there like getting the video audio video downloaded to get some picture download from the video too let’s check it out below.

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How To Download Video On YouTube Method Two (2)

You can also get your video downloaded from YouTube if you follow the below step via y2mate.

Y2mate may be a site that’s mainly designed to get YouTube videos downloaded with different qualities, Audio of the video also can get downloaded on the y2mate site, check the below steps on how you’ll download YouTube videos from y2mate.

Step1 To Download YouTube Video From Y2mate

  • After you’ve located the video you would like to download.
  • Copy the video link then visit the Y2mate site or click here.
  • you’ll be given an area to stick the link you copy on the location.
    youtube video download from y2mate
  • Paste the link and you’ll be given the video.
  • Select the video quality you’ll wish to download that ranges 1024p, 760p, 360p, Mp4, and more.
  • Then click on the download to let your video start downloading.
  • You can also download the video audio file from the location through the choice provided for it.
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By following the above step appropriately you’ll get your YouTube video downloaded to your device either on mobile devices or PCs, there are other alternatives thanks to downloading videos from the y2mate site check it below.

Step2 To Download Youtube Video From Y2mate

  • After you’ve got known or notice the video title.
  • Copy or simply note the video title down.
  • Goto y2mate site pastes the title on the space provided on the location.
    youtube video download from y2mate
  • Hit the enter key and you’ll be given your video with different quality.
  • Select your favorite and suitable quality.
  • And hit the download button.

That’s all about how you’ll download your video from the y2mate site let’s move to the subsequent method in case you do not just like the method that was provided above.

How To Download YouTube Video Method Three (3)

  1. Just Download the Snaptube app although you cannot get the app download from the play store.
    youtube video download from snaptube
  2. It seems this method is merely available for android users.
  3. You can get the Snaptube app download from here or catch on straight from our telegram channel.
  4. After successful installation opens the app.
  5. whenever you would like to download videos.
  6. You will see the download button below and stated on the screenshot.
  7. Hit thereon then you’ll be given the video quality.
  8. Select your favorite video quality and download it.
  9. You have successfully downloaded the YouTube video from snaptube app.


We’ve done tons of research to bring the listed methods on how you’ll Download YouTube videos or get your YouTube video downloaded so pick the acceptable method form as stated above to have your YouTube downloaded.

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Do you have any problem or issue you’re facing regarding any method you use?
State it in the comment box we’ll find an answer thereto enjoy your video.

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