How To Find and Beat the Electro Regisvine in Genshin Impact


Yet another member of the Regisvine family.

Genshin Impact’s Regisvine bosses received a new addition in update 3.0 as the Electro Regisvine was added to the game. This boss is tucked away in the Sumeru region and will easily stomp out any player who tries to take it on without the proper preparation. In this guide, we will show you where to find the Electro Regisvine and how to give yourself the best chance of victory when you take it on.

Where to find the Electro Regisvine

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The Electro Regisvine can be found near the Mawtiyima Forest in the north of Sumeru. The plant itself is located under a large hill with entrances to the west and south of the Mawtiyima Forest.

Electro Regisvine Boss Drops

  • Thunderclap Fruitcore – Level 30+
  • Vajrada Amethyst Gemstone – Level 75+
  • Vajrada Amethyst Chunk – Level 60+
  • Vajrada Amethyst Fragment – Level 40+
  • Vajrada Amethyst Sliver+
  • Traveling Doctor Artifact Set
  • Instructor Artifact Set
  • The Exile Artifact Set
  • Prayers for Wisdom Artifact Set
  • Gladiator’s Finale Artifact Set
  • Wanderer’s Troupe Artifact Set

How to beat the Electro Regisvine

Many of the attacks from the Electro Regisvine are just the Electro version of the standard slams, area of effect attacks, and laser beams that you will be used to from the other Regisvine variants. If you follow similar movement patterns to any other Regisvine boss fight, you wouldn’t have any issue dealing with them.

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Also, like other Regisvines, it will form hardened crystals of Electro energy that act as weakspots. These will form at the head, or corolla, of the plant and then at the base of the stem. Shattering these will stun the plant, giving you a window to do free damage. You will want to use Dendro, Cryo, or Pyro damage to smash the crystals, which will be immune to Electro and Hydro damage.

When you stun the plant, just unleash a full combo on it. It is a good idea to hold back on Elemental Bursts until the plant is in this downed state. Also, you don’t need to worry about damage types when it is down, as the plant will take damage from any elemental type.

The main thing to watch out for when fighting this boss is that it will drop small Electro crystals that will charge up and explode. At full charge, these will nuke any non-tank characters, so be prepared to switch to a tank to eat the damage or dodge to the far side of the arena to escape it completely.

Now that you know where to find the Electro Regisvine, you might also want to read up on the best builds for Collei, and the best builds for Tighnari, as they might just prove to be very useful during the fight.

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