How to find the Horse Floppa in Roblox Find the Floppa Morphs

horse floopa in find the floppa morphs
Screenshot by GJ / BIG PLAY

Loppa Morphs, by BIG PLAY, is a huge ‘find the’ game with a crazy 273 Floppa Morphs to find and collect. Plays are rewarded for their finds by being able to morph into their found floppas at will, parading the map with their success. With loads of maps and floppas to explore, both casual and completionist players will find satisfaction within the game. But of all the floppas, there is only one that lets you play out your cowboy dreams. Here is how to find the Horse Floppa morph in Find the Floppa Morphs.

How to find the Horse Floppa morph

Finding the horse obby

The Horse Floppa is represented by a small prancing horse and is the reward for completing a difficult obby.

To find this elegant creature, you’re going to need to visit the farm map through the map menu, which is to the left of the screen when opening up the game. You will spawn into the farm facing a barn.

farm spawn in find the floppa morphs
Screenshot by GJ / BIG PLAY

From there, you must find the horse enclosure, which will be to your very right. Once you’ve located the horses, you can walk on over. At the end of the enclosure, past the horses and tree, will be a barn of sorts, with a ladder allowing access to the roof. Climb up the ladder.

horse pen in find the floppa morphs
Screenshot by GJ / BIG PLAY

Once you’ve admired the view, locate the tightrope that connects the roof of the barn to a set of wooden structures. This is the beginning of the horse obby.

Claiming the Horse Floppa morph

To claim the Horse Floppa, you must first best the obby. This obby is a challenge of dexterity and agility more than anything, so you’re gonna have to be quick with your fingers.

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Walk over the tightrope to land on the wooden platform. Make sure to walk in a very straight line. After that, you must quickly jump over the three loose platforms. Don’t stay on them for too long, holding the space bar throughout this will be helpful in making sure your character doesn’t slip off.

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finding the horse floppa in find the floppa morphs
Screenshot by GJ / BIG PLAY

Once at the other end, you will be able to claim you prize. Make sure you touch the horse to collect the Horse Floppa.

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